Together BnB

Download Together BnB and manage your very own bed and breakfast! Balance your responsibilities, build relationships, and create unforgettable experiences for your guests. Can you turn your BnB into a thriving business? Play now!
a game by AURORA Games
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 7 votes
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Together BnB
Together BnB
Together BnB

This looks to be a truly interesting game involving more sex and mystery than playing seven minutes in heaven at a costume party. There appears to be a considerable amount of detail put in this title and that’s just what we’ve seen from the trailer alone so prepare your body as we hypothesise what kind of game this is going to be. Rubber up and let’s get weird.



With the material available and my extensive knowledge of games like what this appears to be, I would bet a pretty penny on this being a first-person game that focuses more on interpersonal relationships with other characters over combat or quick time events. Perhaps an odd mix of Myst and Kanojo VR but with tons more sex. It appears that you will be playing the assistant manager of a BnB that exclusively focuses on attractive clientele…can’t really blame them.

That being said, it claims that there will be a combat where you can fight beasts of the forest to earn money. The idea of leaving to run errands or fight beasts is a very cool concept that opens up a lot of gameplay options for greater depth. Anyway, it’s a mystery game, you have to find out why our brother, the proprietor of the establishment, has gone missing. So, there is a large chance that there’s investigation elements where you must collect evidence interspliced with collecting V-cards.

The large part of the game appears to be tending to your very sexy clientele. You will be able to talk with them, fulfil there needs and desires while helping them achieve both their dreams and an orgasm. Through the pictures, we’ve also seen that there may be a serious resource management aspect where you earn money so you can buy food to cook and prepare, purchase lingerie, clothing and other gifts or amenities for your clients to keep them happy. With in-depth and fully realised interpersonal relationships that can develop over time, this title could provide you with the option to find true, immortal love where the only boundaries are four corners of your computer screen.


This game looks absolutely stunning, with Final Fantasy XV cutscene levels of detail. The women and the environment all seem to be gorgeous. Dynamic day/night cycles, realistic natural environments and breasts in this fully realised 3D open world.


It appears that you play James, a man whose very lucky older brother runs a B&B that only has attractive women in it. James’ brothers luck runs out when he mysteriously disappears. You must find out where he went and try not to drown in a veritable paddling pool of cooch in the meantime.

Rating: N/A


You won’t last 5 minutes playing this game


  • Amazingly rendered environments and characters
  • Vast gameplay options


  • Development has gone a little quiet lately
  • Waiting for that sweet release

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Together BnB is a game where I can see the potential shining through. What we have here is a very ambitious lewd open world style of game. As I write this, the game is still being worked on and so far, has only had one hefty update. I think that there is a lot of promise here and even in this unfinished state, you do have a fair bit of content that you can sink your teeth into here.

Sweet, Little Mystery!

A little reference to my Scottish compatriots, Wet, Wet, Wet there. Anyway, the plot of Together BnB is something that I actually thought was quite fun and when I read the synopsis of the game, I was sure it was going to be some kind of thriller. We play as a guy called James, we have come to this BnB which is owned and run by our brother who has mysteriously disappeared. We are trying to find him, but we also have to keep the BnB running in his absence too.

Be Our Guest!

I think that the premise of having to find out what happened to your brother in Together BnB is solid. However, there is another aspect to the story of this game and that is the various ladies that are staying at the BnB while you are there. There is a decent selection of women here for you to chat with and each one has her own story that you can get into as you chat with them. It is all done very well and I am legit interested to see how it all evolves with the next update.

A Real Man Of The World

One of the reasons that Together BnB grabbed my attention was that an open world lewd game like this is not something we see all that often. Even in this early access state, there is a lot of stuff to do here. You have to embark on many different missions/quests which most of are usually fetch quests. You can go hunting, there is cooking and there is even driving which is a lot of fun as it is so crazy to control. I think that they have the bones for a solid game here, but they do need to add a bit of variety to the missions.

A Stamp Of Quality

I know that Together BnB is not finished, but this probably is as close to a AAA lewd game as we will get in terms of the presentation. The game looks great, the “world” that the game is set in is rather large and has some good and different areas to explore. There is a great selection of attractive ladies that you can chat with, do missions for, and of course, have sex with. The animations are great too and I love how we can move the camera in the XXX scenes. There is even voice acting here, it is very bad and hilarious voice acting, but that just adds to the charm!


I have been very impressed by what I have played with Together BnB so far. I know that the developer is slow with the updates and not exactly all that vocal about when the next one will be. However, I have had a lot of fun with this and think that it is one of the more impressive lewd games I have played. I really do hope that they can keep this up and that the next update will be this game being finished!


  • The open world is far bigger than you would think
  • I liked how there was some mystery to the story
  • The game has a very AAA look to it
  • I liked the selection of ladies and the awesome XXX content!


  • They need to deliver updates a bit quicker
  • I think that they could be better at communicating with the players about future updates

While Together BnB is still being worked on (rather slowly I might add) I still feel that this is a lewd adventure game that is well worth your time checking out. This is a lewd open world game that is trying to have an engaging story, fantastic graphics, and varied gameplay and I feel that it is on the right track to becoming one of the better lewd games out there. It is a very ambitious project and I am super excited to see how this thing develops.

Where Is My Brother?

The main character that we play as in Together BnB is a young man called, James. James has an older brother who runs a BnB, but his brother has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and you have headed to his BnB to find out what happened to him. However, you also have to run the BnB and make sure that the tenants are happy and being looked after right.

A Bit Of Fun On The Side

While the mystery aspect of what happened to the brother is interesting. Together BnB also has you having to chat with and get to know the different ladies that are staying at the BnB as well. This is a very well done aspect of the game and there is a decent selection of ladies in this place for you to get to know and they each have their own personality, backstory, and things that make you wonder about them. The writing is good and I am legit interested to see how the whole mystery aspect wraps up.

Beauty And Grace With A Side Of Naughtiness!

One of the reasons that people took notice of Together BnB was the amazing visuals. Even though the game is still being worked on, the visuals in this game are fantastic. We have some great and realistic looking ladies and the XXX content is animated very well and pretty hot. The “open world” of the BnB and the surrounding areas is well detailed too. Now, this is a game that has full English voice acting and I applaud them for that…. However, it is some of the worst PS1 era voice acting I have ever heard! It is so bad that it is good and thankfully did not take away from the experience.

More Than You Would Think!

The gameplay of Together BnB is something that I feel the developer deserves a ton of credit for with just how ambitious they are. I will say that most of the current missions in the game are pretty much fetch quests. However, you can drive the car which is hilarious thanks to the crazy physics. There is a hunting mini-game and there is also a cooking mini-game which is way more challenging than you would think. It is not “amazing” however, I like that there is so much variety here, and with a bit of tightening up, this really will be something special.


I know that it is easy to laugh at the voice acting and those crazy driving physics that Together BnB has. However, this is still a fantastic lewd game and one that deserves way more attention than it is getting. I feel that if they can nail the landing of this mystery story that they have going on, it could be considered to be one of the best lewd games. It is something that I have had a great deal of fun with and I highly recommend you check it out to see why this is one of the most talked about open world lewd games out there now.


  • I love the open world idea of the game
  • The mystery aspect of the story is interesting
  • Each of the ladies feels like a unique and interesting person
  • I like how they have a nice amount of variety to the gameplay


  • The game is still being worked on and a few things certainly need more polish
  • The voice acting is truly terrible, but so terrible it will make you laugh

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