Wario World

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a game by Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 6.4/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Wario World
Wario World
Wario World
Wario World

When Wario turns his back for a minute to get some shut-eye, a mysterious black jewel turns his riches into monsters. So he sets out to get his dough back the only way he knows how--by kicking monster heiny, arcade beat-'em-up style. And because sometimes feet and fists just aren't enough, he can pick up background objects or other enemies and use them as weapons.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

You cant keep a good bad guy or in Warios case, a psychotic Italian leprechaun down.

At right are the latest screens of Wario World, a 3D side-scrolling action game in which you take control of Marios evil twin as he tries to regain his riches from the clutches of a mysterious black diamond thats changed the loot into a horde of baddies.

Unlike Warios portable adventures, Worlds gameplay is straight-up action, so he has new ways of dealing with enemies instead of the ol run-into-them-elbow-first routine. For instance, you can now grab and twirl a foe around, knocking other nearby enemies out of the way, or lift him up and perform a floorshaking pile driver, creating a ripple through the ground thatll knock other enemies on their asses. Or, if its simplicity you prefer, you can always toss your foes into a background object. Any way you decide to go, once youve dispatched a bad guy, he turns back into the lost treasure and brings you ever closer to discovering who did this to your fortune. Look at it this way: Its the closest thing well ever get to a licensed game for Leprechaun in the Hood. I want me gold!

Wario. He's cooler, fatter, and sports a fluffier moustache than Mario. His latest game is supremely entertaining but drastically short. We heard some of you were peeved with Wario World's difficult boss fights. Well, relax. We're here to relieve you peeved peeps with some sound advice for laying low these large lunatics.

Excitement Central: Dinomighty's Showdown

This huge green dinosaur isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He has only a few attacks, and their patterns are easy to spot. It's easy to avoid Dinomighty when he tries to jump on you. Just be ready to jump over the shockwave he sends out when he lands. When Dinomighty sees you, his eyes begin to glow red. This means his tongue attack is coming. Immediately run to one side and his tongue will lick air, not you.

Avoid these attacks, get behind the large green boss, and jump onto the Glue Globe at the end of his tail. Eventually, he will lift his tail and turn his head to see you. Now is your chance to attack! Jump off his tail and perform a Ground Pound directly onto Dinomighty's giant head. Stunned, he drops a bunch of gold coins. Quickly collect the loot, run up to the stunned green giant, and pick him up. Now execute a Piledriver to smash his head into the ground. Or you can Power Throw Dinomighty into the nearby lava. Five Piledrivers or Power Throws defeat the beast. Excellent work!

Spooktastic World: Dual Dragon's Showdown

Dual Dragon is a formidable foe, but he's easily vanquished with the following sneaky techniques. Dodge his fire-breathing attacks by running sideways. His spiked tails do a fair amount of damage, but they have a very limited range, so it's easy to stay outside their reach. When Dual Dragon spits Glue Globes, be ready to jump. As long as you keep jumping off the Globes, you never have to worry about being pulled into his mouth and chewed up. To damage Dual Dragon, you must trick him into attacking himself. But how? Run right up and deliver a party platter of knuckle sandwiches to one of Dual Dragon's heads. Thrash the head with Wario's fists until it loses consciousness and droops down to the ground.

Thrillsville Red-Brief J's Showdown

Unlike most other bosses, this nasty brief-wearing bull is completely immune to Wario's powerful punches. Don't even bother punching or otherwise attacking Red-Brief J. Instead, keep your distance and keep moving, avoiding his various attacks. Occasionally, he'll crash straight down onto the floating arena, dunking it into the lava. When this happens, keep Wario out of the hot liquid magma by jumping just before J hits the ground.

Red-Brief J's one weakness is his multiple charge attack. (He begins with one charge and adds one more for every health point he has lost.) Dodge each sally until the attack ends (yelling "Toro!" is completely optional). After his final charge, Red-Brief J teeters on the edge of the arena, right near the lava! Who's that knocking? Opportunity! Perform a Ground Pound at the top of the platform to topple the off-balance bull into the boiling lava. Dunk Red-Brief J five times, and he shall trouble you no more.

Sparkle Land: Captain Skull's Showdown

Captain Skull is a pushover at first. Just get close to him and punch away until he becomes stunned. Then pick him up and execute a painful Piledriver to eliminate one of his five health skulls.

After you have done this three times, Captain Skull suddenly becomes much more difficult to stun. He now blocks all of your punches with his arm cannon. To finish him off, you'll have to throw something at him--like his own cannonballs.

When Skull climbs one of his ship's two lookout towers, bounce up to the top of the other one using the glowing energy rings. Your adversary will eventually fire a volley of flaming cannonballs at you. Stay at the front edge of your perch, and these projectiles should sail overhead and land behind you. Let the cannonballs cool, then grab one and Power Throw it right upside the captain's head. While he's stunned, use the energy rings to bounce across to his tower. (Use Wario's shadow as a guide while you're airborne.) Then pick up your woozy foe and deliver a Piledriver. Repeat this strategy until Captain Skull yields like a big ol' pirate crybaby. Four down, one to go.

Final Boss: Evil Black Jewel

The evil black jewel hovers high above the center of the circular arena, completely out of reach. In order to bring it into pummeling range, release the five imprisoned Spritelings from their crystals around the arena's perimeter.

People say:


Mario’s unscrupulous rival Wario is finally getting his big-time console break, and I’m diggin’ it. First off, he’s a cool character-Mario’s goody-two-shoes antics just aren’t connecting with the surly, Grand Theft Auto' kids of today, so a greedy antihero like Wario should be right up their alley. And to inject street cred into this GC debut, Nintendo enlisted the capable action vets at Treasure (makers of Ikaruga and the epic Gunstar Heroes for Sega Genesis), who’ve created an inventive, gameplay-rich run-and-jump romp. As in a Mario game, Wario travels through a wacky 3D world trying to recapture a variety of delightful shiny objects. But this hop-n-bop miscreant isn’t afraid to brawl, pulverizing enemies with his fists, smashing them with satisfying piledrivers, crushing them with his ample behind, and spinning them dizzy. The fighting system proves easy, responsive, and intuitive, and it delivers tons of fun. Even though most enemies are unremarkable, kicking the crud out of them never is, and it gets even better during the amazing boss battles. Wario World has a couple flaws, though. Offering only four worlds with two levels in each, the game ends far too soon. An ill-advised Continue system compounds the problem, letting you restart from the exact spot you die for a measly 50 coins (I had more than 25,000 by game's end). Wario delivers a great time while it lasts and is well worth checking out. Just don’t expect a Afe/w-quality adventure.


On the one hand, I like Wario World. It feels like an old-school 8-bit Nintendo platformer perfectly remade in 3D. The levels are tight, fast, and fun- less about aimless exploration and more about reflex-testing action. But on the other hand, I’m a little disappointed that it’s so short and simplistic, and that it doesn’t take more advantage of the GC’s hardware. Plus, we hardly get to see a hint of Wario’s innately evil personality (or any humor at all, really). That’s forgivable in light of the fun gameplay, but the game’s length and super-easy difficulty aren’t. Wario World could’ve been great- as it is, it’s just good.


I’m with CJ on the cool level design, but that’s pretty much it. Wario's mindless punching gets real old real fast. Enemies respawn so quickly-move 10 steps and then double back and you’ll generally find the pests back on the attack- that pummeling them gives you no advantage. I liked the first two worlds when I thought of them as a platformer with training wheels-just what the Cube kiddies need, right? Well, sort of. About halfway through, the training wheels come off, and your safe neighborhood street becomes an icy mountain road at night-a perilous journey only the most seasoned jumping-puzzle zealots (like, apparently, G. Ford and CJ) will enjoy. Plus, the fiercely annoying boss battles had me fuming, hurling away the controller, and shouting expletives at the screen. WW might keep you entertained-if you like that sort of self-flagellating frustration.

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