Worms 3D

a game by Acclaim
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Personally, I'd have rather been playing Scorched Earth. While Acclaim hasn't been known for releasing showstoppers, this update of an old franchise seems a worthwhile party game to occupy a small group of game playing friends. You'll find most of the familiar staples from the Worms series still present, only repackaged in an inconvenient, hard to control form. In all seriousness, the one thing I'd have wished I could do with this game was easily aim and shoot without needing to use the camera controls each time.

Thankfully, especially for someone with my skills, this game comes with a wonderful little tutorial that helps you pickup the skills necessary to blow other people to kingdom come. Although it took some getting used to in the other games, it's downright aggravating in this version, as aiming in a 3D environment from what is essentially a 2D view of that environment can be a difficult thing to learn. However, all in all it wasn't too much of a pain and as much as I protest, watching the little suckers give up the ghost and explode in a ball of murderous fury is too enjoyable to dislike.

Worms 3D has good composition for a franchise transition title, although not of the quality I'd attribute to such instant classics as Ninja Gaiden , Metroid Prime , and The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind-Waker , all of which were superlative examples of how one can keep the gameplay alive and reminiscent of days gone by, but suitably update the game at the same time. It maintains the gameplay, but doesn't keep an amazing grip on your eyeballs, just a good one. Thankfully, the worms are relatively decent trash talkers, so there's that for enjoyment.

Multiplayer, however, is where it's at. Although I didn't have enough people to test this out, using a multitap and passing gameplay, I've heard it's possible to get up to 16 people on a single game, each controlling a worm. With those kinds of numbers, and this kind of destruction, Worms 3D can be a good evening's worth of entertainment. Fans of the old series should be happy, and newcomers will be treated to some good gameplay.

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Playstation 2

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