Yu Escape / Monday

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a game by Team Tailnut
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Yu Escape / Monday
Yu Escape / Monday
Yu Escape / Monday
Yu Escape / Monday

Yu Escape / Monday is the first part of what is going to be an episodic lewd game. The thing that caught my attention with this game was first of all that very cheeky and charming art style. It was also that this is not just another visual novel style game. Instead, we have an actual “game” for us to play alongside all of the lewd content that the game is offering. It is probably one of the highlights of 2020 when it comes to lewd games.

Shi Loves Escape Rooms!

The premise of the game is pretty darn fun and something that will make you smile. In Yu Escape / Monday, you play as a dude called Yu who has just gotten a new girlfriend called, Shi. I loved the character design of Shi and she has a ton of personality and Yu in many ways is a very lucky man. The twist is that Shi is an escape room designer and she loves to make Yu test her escape rooms. If he succeeds, he gets to eat and he also gets to bang the gorgeous Shi so that is a win in my book! The game has a ton of personality and while it is a “sex” game, it also has a real tongue in cheek style to the humor which I appreciated.

Solving The Puzzle

The gameplay of Yu Escape / Monday is quite fun. You move Yu around the room and you can interact with many different objects and structures in each room. You are looking for items and trying to figure out what these items do/unlock/interact with. Some are pretty obvious and others are really hard to figure out. There is a hint system in place, but I would advise against it as it just opens a Steam page and solves the Puzzle for you. The puzzles are quite varied and will certainly test your puzzle-solving skills

There is a tad of visual novel gameplay here too, but it is not what you think. Instead of picking narrative choices, Yu uses emojis to convey what he is feeling. I thought this was pretty fun and quite unique. The game is very, very short, but to be fair it is the first part of a game that is designed to be in chapters.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool!

The presentation of the game is awesome. I love the way that Shi looks and she has a wicked and fun personality to match it. The game is hot and also fun and that is a mix that many lewd games struggle with, but Yu Escape / Monday pulls it off effortlessly. The game has a fun animated style and it will make you smile one second and make you har… you know what I am saying.

The game is not fully animated, but the bits of animation that are here are well done and not overused. I do not think that this is a game that needed a ton of animation in all honesty with you. The soundtrack is pretty basic, but it fits the game well. I am glad there is no voice acting as this is the kind of game where you actually get an idea in your head of what the characters sound like and voice acting never lives up to that.


I had a great time with Yu Escape / Monday and while it is only the first part of a series. I do have to say that the game is free to play so there is no reason not to at the least give it a try. I am very excited to play more of this and think that they have created something really cool with this game. I just wish that I knew for sure when the next part of the game was going to be released. It is short, but it is certainly sweet… and pretty damn hot too!


  • I loved the story and idea of the game
  • It looks fantastic and has a ton of charm to the art style
  • Some of the puzzles are very, very challenging
  • The game is rather addictive
  • It is free to play!


  • The hint system just solves the puzzles for you which I do not like
  • No word on when the next chapter is going to be released

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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