Zombie Shooter 2

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a game by Sigma Team
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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Zombie Shooter 2
Zombie Shooter 2
Zombie Shooter 2

I thought that the first Zombie Shooter was a fun time, but with Zombie Shooter 2 they are trying to keep the mindless fun of the first game. All the while adding in some RPG like mechanics a more of a story.

Smoothing Out The Edges

I actually liked the art style of the first Zombie Shooter game. It had a gritty, PlayStation 1 kind of style to it. Zombie Shooter 2 is keeping that same isometric overhead style, but there is certainly a lot more polish this time around. The characters, zombies, levels and everything else has a much smoother and cleaner look to it this time.

While Zombie Shooter 2 still has an old school style, I do feel that they made a huge improvement over the first game in terms of the visuals.

Mow Them All Down!

The first Zombie Shooter game was just all about killing as many zombies as you could. Sure, there was a story, but it was barebones at best. They took a very interesting direction with Zombie Shooter 2. This game still offers hordes of zombies and creatures for you to kill, but they added a lot more story to this game. You talk to NPC’s, you make trades, buy stuff and you can even create your own character.

All of this stuff and of course the upgrade system, gives Zombie Shooter 2 more of an RPG feel. They do not go overboard with this and I felt that it did not get in the way of me wanting to mow down all of the zombies, but it certainly gives the game more depth than the first one had.

Cars & Drones

While Cars & Drones may sound like the name of a pretentious indie album. These are two of the big additions to Zombie Shooter 2. There are a few different vehicles that you can drive and they are great. You can get to where you want to go quicker and of course you can also take out zombies with them as well.

Drones and radars are quite interesting in that they can give you an edge when taking down a group of zombies. I do not think these are as big additions as the vehicles are, but it certainly gives you another way of going about your mayhem.

Survive And Gun Stand Are Back

The campaign has had a ton of work put into it. The story along with the RPG mechanics they spread over the game are clearly where most of the attention went. Still though, they did bring back the two other game modes from the first Zombie Shooter, Survive and Gun Stand.

There is nothing really major different here and both modes are as much fun as they were before. Survive sees you walking around an area taking out horde after horde of zombies until you cannot take it anymore. Gun Stand is the same idea, but you control a turret that is fixed to the ground. These are a nice distraction and Survive is perfect if you are looking for something to waste 10 minutes or so with.


While I may have focused on the RPG mechanics and the fleshed-out story. I would say that Zombie Shooter 2 is a better game all around than the first one. It moves a bit better, certainly looks better and the way you can upgrade your character and weapons feels a little more in-depth. As much as I liked the first game, I do feel that it is worth skipping over and jumping straight into Zombie Shooter 2.


  • The graphics are much improved over the original
  • Driving over zombies is lots of fun
  • The game has some interesting RPG mechanics
  • The story is much better
  • Overall the game is a lot of fun to play


  • Gun Stand could do with something to make it stand out more
  • Later levels can be really tough

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Zombie Shooter 2 looks to build on what the original game did in pretty much every regard. With more polish and more direction, this is a fantastic follow up to one of the more chaotic and mindless zombie shooter games we had seen in quite some time.

The Story

As far as the story in the first Zombie Shooter game went it was rather lacking in that department. It was ok though as the game was more about the action. Zombie Shooter does try and add a bit of story to the game and I think that while not amazing, it does move things along. You now have various NPC characters that you can deal with which help with not just gameplay, but also the story.

The Presentation

Zombie Shooter 2 has that same kind of overhead/isometric-style viewpoint that the first game had. This time around though there is a lot more polish. That first game was pretty darn ugly in terms of its visuals. Zombie Shooter 2, on the other hand, manages to keep that same kind of style, but it does it in a much clearer and more pleasing way.

The Gameplay

The biggest gameplay improvement that Zombie Shooter 2 has to be in the campaign. It is way more fleshed out than it was in the first game. Do not get me wrong, killing a million zombies is still what you will be doing. However, there is more to it this time around and as a result, it feels more of a rewarding experience. The campaign is a decent length and I like how you can upgrade as you play. Getting better weapons, making trades with NPC’s and using new weapons gives you far more to do as you play. It makes it feel like a much more fleshed out experience than what we got with the first game.

One thing that I really like which was added is the drones and radars which you can use. These along with the different vehicles you can get your hand on give you a lot of choices when it comes to taking down a horde of zombies. While you can just run around like a maniac, for me the real joy came when I would figure out good strategies for taking down a large group of zombies at a time. The real draw for Zombie Shooter 2 is the campaign. There are also two other game modes that come back from the first game. These are Survive and Gun Stand. These are fun ways to blow off a little steam and see how long you can survive. Gun Stand I particular is a mode that I spent a lot of time with. Both these modes are ideal when you want just a 10 minute or so gaming fix.

Final Thoughts On Zombie Shooter 2

I had a lot of fun with Zombie Shooter 2. It is certainly a much-improved game over the first. I really enjoyed how they put some RPG elements in the campaign and how the story was expanded. Also, the two extra modes do make for a great way to blow off a little steam.

Final Score: 8/10


  • The game has more polish than its predecessor
  • New ways to kill zombies such as cars is fun
  • RPG elements flesh out the overall gameplay
  • Gun Stand is a real joy to play
  • Lots of zombies to kill


  • The difficulty can spike pretty drastically as you progress
  • An extra game mode would have been a nice touch

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