Download Hatred and enter a twisted world fueled by rage and destruction. Battle through relentless waves of enemies and unleash your fury in this controversial and unrelenting action game. Are you prepared to embrace the chaos? Play now!
a game by Destructive Creations
Platform: PC (2015)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 10 votes
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Blimey. You already can conceive what a game with a name like Hatred is going to be like. There doesn't appear to be any sugar coating of what players will perceive in the content - a bloody shoot em' up that holds no boundaries in the potential offense. That is precisely the developer's intention here, and that is what you are going to receive. Destructive Creations independently released this game to counter the increased political correctness found in modern development. Whether you are pro or anti this concept - Hatred initially caused controversy. Much so that it was removed from the Steam platform on release. Games like these usually have intriguing auras about them - whether they are good or not is a different story.

There are People To Be Killed

The human impact of Hatred is the point is trying to make. The high levels of violence and the controversial mechanics are highlighted rather than any sort of solid narrative. However, the tone, setting, and visuals of the game show that there really isn't much need for one.

The game centers around an unnamed individual known as 'The Antagonist' with no name and no backstory - just a hellbent passion for societal revenge. The player will advance through each level, shooting up everything and blowing assets to pieces from an isometric third-person perspective. No rhyme or reason is given in your objectives other than to cause mayhem.

The environments are fleshed out with the artsy color palette of a 40s noir film - however, the attempt at creating an art game runs a bit raw. The overzealous and gratuitous violence of the game does not really make a point. The whole gameplay is neither comical enough to be cult. Nor does it seek to make a statement. In all - it's a little disturbing. The backdrop of senseless terror aside, the lack of variation in combat doesn't make any enjoyment - and without reason to kill something - it just doesn't feel good. Every aspect of the game gives you shivers, and not in an entertaining way. Hatred feels like the by-product of a vengeful mind that didn't get its way in the world - and everyone has to know about it.

A Complete Curb Stomp

Hatred does not achieve anything as a game, nor does it present well as a piece of art. Had the narrative and mechanics been given some thought - both concepts could have been accomplished. As a game, it's repetitive and without objectives. As art, while it looks nice on the outside, the statements behind, don't result in a better society - it merely vents frustration.


Dark dystopian games of the same genre like Diablo are much better at channeling human distaste. Hatred takes the same game mechanics and throws the senseless violence of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's 'No Russian' mission in it. The only reason this game exists is for folks to have an outlet to watch the world burn. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who will enjoy this.


  • The noir colors create a unique art style for the game
  • The shooting mechanic is done quite well


  • There are little narrative and reason to why you are slaughtering people
  • The game is very repetitive
  • Overzealous violence often will feel very disturbing

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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