Madden NFL 96

Madden is the man, and this year Madden has been dissected and EA Sports has created an entirely new football game.

In the Training Camp Mode, you can create your own players and take them through a number of different events. Your player will be rated in different categories.

More than 100 teams are included in Madden '96, including all Super Bowl teams from the first Super Bowl in 1966 up to last year's.

A host of new offensive and defensive formations have been added. Tommy Talarico has done the sound effects for Madden '96.

We saw an early version, so look for more as the kick-off for Madden '96 approaches.

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Madden NFL 96 Downloads

Sega Genesis Madden NFL 96 download

Madden '96 on the Game Gear is a below-average attempt to bring football into the handheld arena. While player control is decent, the high-pitched music makes your fingers rush to the volume control. Likewise, the small sprites lack detailed animation. Madden hits the sidelines with this mediocre game.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: EA
  • Machine: Super NES

We had an early look at the Super NES version, and it does look considerably better than '95. This year you can pitch the ball at any time during a play, which allows you to create bizarre returns. Another new feature is the create-a-player. In order to create a player, you have to send him to training camp where you perform various skill tests, like the 40 yard dash, tackling drills, and intelligence tests. The better you do in these tests, the better your player's skills.

But has the gameplay gotten any better? We didn't get a chance to check out the Genesis version and the Super NES was still real unfinished in the gameplay department. Next month, we'll continue to update you on the progress of this one.

reggie posted a review

Madden NFL games move relentlessly down the field of football video games like a 49ers opening drive. Madden NFL '96 for the Genesis not only gets a noteworthy bag of enhancements, but it now commands the toughest football A.I. out there.

New This Season

Madden '96 fields a solid lineup of new features. This year, of course, Jacksonville and Carolina up the team count to 30. The sound scores with real, sampled crowd noises, and you hear new witty Maddenisms.

Additionally, the game offers a new Scouting Combine feature, an excellent idea that could nonetheless use some tinkering. The Combine enables you to trade and waive players, and build selectable players at any position through a series of four drills.

However, these drills don't necessarily emphasize position skills. For example, there's no passing drill for future quarterbacks.

On the bright side, Madden receives a respectable graphics facelift. The rendered 3D character sprites look sharp, and the uniform colors are much richer. However, there was obviously a color tradeoff: Last year, skin tone was uniformly tan, while this year everybody's darker than a Raiders jersey.

Additionally, the animation features excellent details, such as helmets flying after big hits. For those who are easily impressed, there are digitized action stills of actual NFL players.

ProTip: The 4-3 Bear Attack is a good defense against running teams.

The Doomsday A.I.

For those who aren't that easily impressed, the familiar behind-the-line view widens slightly for a subtle but significant gameplay upgrade. Now you can see the entire defensive formation, including the cornerbacks.

You need every edge you can get, too, because the A.I. in Madden '96 is murder! There are no sure-fire pass plays anymore, and the A.I. defense is a relentless ball hawk.

  • The 4-3 2-Deep is a good defense against passing teams.
  • Pass completions can be few and hard to come by, so start out by playing primo passers like Young, Aikman, and Marino.
  • If you want to study your play- books during a game, you must stop the clock. Hit Start and select Set Audibles between plays. You'll have unlimited time to analyze plays.
  • Identify the high-profile players for real-life NFL teams. They get the job done in Madden, too.
  • Angle kickoffs toward the side line to help your special teams contain kick returners.

The mean and nasty A.I. will answer the prayers of hardcore Madden players, but it will surely frustrate rookies and bandwagon fans. The tried-and-true controls offer some assistance with new moves, such as enabling defensive backs to chuck receivers and ball carriers to lateral.

Madden for Mad Men

The story of this game is the aggressive A.I, which makes Madden '96 a must-have for true Madden pros. Just be prepared to get kicked all around the field.

reggie posted a review

Madden NFL '96 solidifies its position as the top-ranked SNES football game with a load of new features and upgrades. And it gets the nudge over its Genesis counterpart.

This year, all 30 NFL teams, including Jacksonville and Carolina, are present and accounted for, and there are 50 redesigned offensive and defensive plays. Additionally, Pat Summerall and Leslie Visser join the Madden broadcast team.

Madden powers into new territory with an excellent Front Office feature, which enables you to customize team rosters...from the ground up. Want Deion back, Niner fans? With the General Manager feature, you can try to make that blockbuster deal. Moreover, the Scouting Combine provides 13 drills, which you can use to build your own Deion clone.

As far as games-within-a- sports-game go, the Combine's a blast. Unlike the Genesis game, SNES Madden lets you use drills specific to each position you're trying to fill. For example, potential offensive linemen must perform pass blocking, and kickers must kick for distance and accuracy.

ProTip: Some defensive formations create gaps in the offensive line that are perfect for blitzing linebackers. For example, try 4-3 Contain and blitz the middle linebacker through the center gap.

Football Smarts

The A.I. is even more savvy than Madden '95's, which was no slouch. The pass defense destroys your passer's ratings by zeroing in on ill-timed flat passes or deep outs. On the other hand, the A.I.'s pass offense will pick apart wimpy defensive strategies. Fortunately, the game's three skill settings open up the game to all skill levels.

The game controls continue to gain good yardage. You can now pass to eligible receivers. You can also make laterals, call for fair catches, and "show blitz" on defense. However, the audible feature still fails to mark your plays in the playbook.

Gang Tackles

The graphics sport game-winning detail right down to some new taunts. The animation's fast -- significantly faster than in the Genesis version -- so defenders cover the ball very quickly. However, you'll still find that a multitude of players ridiculously crowd receivers who bobble passes.

  • For a tricky pass rush, occasionally move a defensive end into the center/guard gap before the snap. Don't let him down into a stance, and then hit Button B at the snap.
  • Short passes to running backs are a good substitute for running plays.

The sounds split the goal posts. Of course, Madden and Summerall get their two cents in. But the sampled stadium noises add real you-are-there flavor. Moreover, the crowd cheers whenever the home team pulls a good play.

Mad About Madden

EA Sports should have its own football Maddenism: "You want more; you get more!" Madden '96 makes the All-Pro team again.

reggie posted a review
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