Arcana Cheats

SNES Cheats

Chapter select

Press Down, Select(2), X, Y, Select(2), L, R, Select(2), Left, Right, Up at the title screen. Then, press one of the following buttons to start at the corresponding chapter: A - Chapter 2; B - Chapter 3; X - Chapter 4; Y - Chapter 5.


When using this code, your character will gain hit points and experience, but will not automatically acquire items needed to complete the game.

Sound test

Hold L + R + B and press Start at the title screen.

Chapter Select and MusicTest

To start your game with an increase in hit points and experience points, go to the title screen and press these buttons in this order: DOWN, SELECT, SELECT, X, Y, SELECT, SELECT, L button, R button, SELECT, SELECT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP and then press A to start at Chapter 2, B for Chapter 3, X for Chapter 4, and Y for Chapter 5. For a music test, go to the title screen, hold the L and R buttons and then press B.