Battletoads Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Warp to Level 3

This great trick that was originally in the Nintendo version of Battletoads is also in the new Genesis version! To do this trick, you must be very quick! The trick is actually easier with two players so try this method with a friend using the second pad to control the other toad. In the beginning of the first level, Battletoad Butt (headbutt) the two pigs that appear, and then quickly run over to the first platform on the right. Jump onto the platform and there will be a glowing warp. Move into the warp and you will get a screen that tells you that you can advance 2 levels! Make sure that you are quick enough with this trick, or the warp will disappear!

NES Cheats

Six lives

Hold Down + B + A and press Start at the title screen. An explosion will confirm correct code entry. Alternatively, hold Down and press A, B, Start at the title screen or continue screen.

Continue game play

Allow the continue timer to expire after one of the players loses all lives. Press Start on the next map screen to continue game play.

Control dragon

Defeat the tool worker and take the stick/sword from him. Use that sword to defeat the dragon during the second half of level 1. Position your character on the dragon and press A to ride it. Tap A to fly and press B to shoot fireballs.

Level warps

Level 1- Quickly head butt the first pair of pigs, then run to the right to find a warp on the first ledge.

Level 3- Aim for the tenth wall on the fifth speeder course to find a warp to level 5.

Level 4- Fall halfway onto the first platform in the last section of this level. Then, quickly and repeatedly jump up to find a warp to level 6.

Level 6- Ride the snake as high as possible in the second section of this level. Then, run right, jump, and run right again to find a warp.