Fantasy Zone Cheats

NES Cheats

Unlimited Use of Weapon

Destroying your opponents in the Fantasy Zone is much easier with the laser, wide beam, and seven-way shot, and with this trick you can use these ordinarily timed weapons forever!

First, buy all four engines, but don't use them. Next, by a weapon and it will last until you lose a life.

$1,000 Bonus Ship and Extra Weapon

During the message screen in the demo mode, press the control pad up or down more than fifty times, and start the game. You can buy your first extra ship with $1,000 (usually it will cost $2,500) You can also get unlimited weapons by buying and keeping all four of the engines. It costs some dough, but it's worth it!

Sega Master System Cheats

Config Mode

To get an option mode in the Game Gear version of Fantasy Zone, press these buttons in this order at the title screen: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, 1, 2, 1, 2 and START. Now you can change the mode, money, stage, and sound test. Also in the config mode screen, select "Mode" and press LEFT, 1 and 2 at the same time for an "Undead" (invincible) mode.