Jungle Strike Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Here is a list of level passwords. Just start the game and press button A to access the Password screen. Now put in the level password:

  1. Campaign 2: RL6GYKBX6GG
  2. Campaign 3: 9V6CR9WNMCZ
  3. Campaign 4: XTMDR9WNMCJ
  4. Campaign 5: VNPDTL6HDB6
  5. Campaign 6: WSDWHFKB7SS
  6. Campaign 7: THGR7NS6MCJ
  7. Campaign 8: 7GRSD9WT7SS
  8. Campaign 9: N4SF3X7NLMS

Genie Codes

Go into the Options, highlight "Exit" and then hold L button, R button, X and A. While holding these, press START. To hear all of the Dolby Surround Sound music in this game, just do this trick. First, go to the Options mode and go to the "exit" selection. Then hold these buttons: L button, R button, X and A. While holding these, press the START button. The sound test will then appear.

SNES Cheats

Level 1

Password is 8B45HP8TNMPT.

Level 2

Password is 8B458P84NMPT.

Level 3

Password is 8B45RP80NMPT.

Level 4

Password is 8B45WP86NMPT.

Level 5

Password is 8B45CP8XNMPT.

Level 6

Password is 8B454P82NMPT.

Level 7

Password is 8B45MP8YNMPT.

Level 8

Password is 8B45YP89NMPT.

Level 9

Password is 8B45FP8VNMPT.


Password is 6RCX6K21Y0PT.