Metal Gear Cheats

NES Cheats

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Enter WZRJZ QZZZD UJ510 UIQZZ NZRZE as a password.

All weapons, items

Enter 5XZ1C GZZZG UOOOU UYRZZ NTOZ3 as a password.

Disable pits

Press Select, A to display the transceiver screen when a pit opens. Press Select again to resume game play. The pit will now be closed.


Inside compound; look for Grey Fox and Metal Gear- Password is 21J12 14J13 16641 11116 41112; East elevator, building 1, en route to remote-controlled missiles- Password is 4ARBJ KJZ46 W6E15 E14S6 NK1KK; Outside building 1, en route to the compass- Password is 5ZRZJ KZZBB H4E1C M1ISB N6NTL; Outside building 1, en route to Dr. Petrowitch- Password is 5ZZZJ KZZJA 3006U UYRTZ N6NVL; Outside building 1, final mission- Password is 5ZZZZ 0ZZZG E00LY UYQZZ NPNR6; Move right to end game- Password is WZRJZ QZZZD UJ510 UIQZZ NZRZE; End- Password is T1111 11611 11111 11111 11116.

Avoid Super Computer

With this trick you don't need to destroy the Super Computer! When you enter the computer's room, Solid Snake appears in the door frame. As soon as he appears, hold the control pad or joystick to the right and you'll appear in Outer Heaven's room! Now you can attack this Boss without having to fool around with Solid Snake!

Cigarettes, Tine, and No Traps

In Metal Gear you can actually use the cigarettes as a helpful item but not before you beat the Super Computer. After you have beaten the computer, a timing device is set for the building to destroy.

Once this has happened, run in the right direction and go through the door. You will meet the Boss of the enemy. When you have successfully destroyed this opponent, check your time to make sure you can escape. If the end Boss took too much time to eliminate you may find yourself in a critical position with very little time remaining. If you are dangerously low on time, then select the cigarettes and use them. This will reset the timing device to 2000 and give you the extra time you need to leave. While in the last room you can contact Diane on the transceiver for instructions on how to use cigarettes. To remove the pitfalls, press 'Select' when the trap starts to open up. The pitfall will stop. To remove it just hit the button for the weapon select mode and press select again.