Prince Of Persia Cheats

SNES Cheats

Sound test

Hold Start and press Select during game play. Press Up and Down to select a sound. Press A to hear the current selection.

Song select

Press Start, then immediately press Select during game play.

Sky princess

Run to the right when level 20 begins and wait at the window. An image of the princess will appear in the sky.

Skip to last level

Begin a new game, drop down two screens and run to the right to find a guard. Purposely lose to the guard. Press Select to obtain the current password when the "Press button to continue" text is displayed. Reset the game, select the continue option and enter that password. Game play will resume on level 20 with the previous amount of time and bottles.

Maximum bottles

There are two sections and two bottles in level 3. After taking the bottles, display the current password, and restart the level using that password. You will be able to take the same bottles once again until the maximum number (15) is accumulated. Note: Since only two hours of game play is allowed, spending excess time in this level may prevent successful completion of the game.

Passwords for levels

Level №1- Enter BRNGBB9; Level №2- Enter MRG5L2X; Level №3- Enter B6+TWNN; Level №4- Enter 9Z3NRDX; Level №5- Enter LQHWTVR; Level №6- Enter CGKDBZ2; Level №7- Enter TH4Q++B; Level №8- Enter VXPNBY2; Level №9- Enter QLL!WHR; Level №10- Enter HWB93WX; Level №11- Enter 7F39R1B; Level №12- Enter H9TZD8N; Level №13- Enter 7TXF+9V; Level №14- Enter H+KX3L7; Level №15- Enter GZ9MRZJ; Level №16- Enter 84CPBC6; Level №17- Enter QQNL2PV; Level №18- Enter 4Q7TMHJ; Level №19- Enter QHJG!Q7; Level №20- Enter H8J12+Y.


These codes are for all of the levels in Prince of Persia. This will give you all you need to complete the game. Continue on the menu screen and then enter your desired code:

  • MRG5L2X
  • 6+TWNN
  • 9Z3NRDX
  • TH4Q++B
  • HWB93WX
  • 7F39R1B
  • H9TZD8N
  • 7TXF+9V
  • H+KX3L7
  • 84CPBC6
  • 4Q7TMHJ
  • QHJG!Q7
  • H8J12+Y