Rambo Cheats

NES Cheats


Enter H800 lbW2 kG4Q KwKc 66WH QbW2 0F1D G19D as a password.


Enter yDaB pc71 jQOA uT3D nfWW 3UKT Yv4g G5WH as a password.

Alternate ending, C.O. lives

Enter WL8k Xv57 TwOB WU3C BDA7 cvJ7 2PtH 9EO4 as a password.


Stand on one of the "N" and "S" indicators that appear on the ground and press Up.

Secret Second Ending

Unknown to most, there are two endings to Rambo, one where Rambo's friend Co dies, and another where she doesn't. The trick to having her survive the game is not talking with her under the waterfall after she rescues you from the enemy camp. If you do this she'll be waiting for you in the helicopter after you rescue the POWs and again at the very end of the game - just make sure you find her before you talk with Trautman. Here's the code for the second ending:

  • WL8k Xv57 TwOB WU3C
  • BDA7 ewJ7 2PtH 9E04

Strange Code

When the Start/Continue screen comes on, select "Continue" and input all zeroes for all the blanks and put the prompt on "End" to enter the code. Rambo will be invisible and the screen will be full of numbers and letters and other computer gibberish. Keep moving to the right and you will be in a village but Rambo will remain invisible. When a man appears, keep pushing up until you talk to him. Switch to the screen with the codes on it and write down that code. Reset the game and put in that code. This time Rambo is visible, but the screen is still filled with numbers and letters. Keep going right and after a while you will come to some rocks but keep on going. Soon you will be in the village. Talk to the man in the village and see what items you have - you will be very surprised, especially at how long it took!