Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle Cheats

SNES Cheats

Configuration mode

Start match and finish the fight. Hold R + X + A at the continue screen until the next match starts. The configuration mode screen will appear.


Highlight the "Story Mode" option, then hold L + R and press Start.

Hidden options mode

Start a one player game, and press X + A + L when the fighter's names are displayed.

Fight against the CPU in Duel and Team modes

Hold L + R on the character selection screen to control the other player's selection. Hold L + R and press Y to select your opponent's character. That character will be CPU controlled at the current difficulty setting.

Game Genie Codes

D7B4-0DA9 + EABF-04D9 - Ranma moves faster. 1 DB1-D4D9 - Ranma's Dragon Blast kills in one hit. E48C-6DD5 - Genma's charging attack (Paternal Anger) goes faster.