River City Ransom Cheats

NES Cheats

Merlin's Mystery Shop

Stand under the fourth light from the left side in the Armstrong Thru-Way Tunnel. Press Up to find Merlin's Mystery Shop, which sells several powerful, but expensive items.

Keep money after losing

Start a two player game. When either player is very low on energy, move both players to the edge of the screen. Intentionally kill the player that is almost dead, then immediately jump into the next screen. The dead player will be present with all money intact, but one less life.


Full inventory at start- Password is w412ysgtMqc MUSjKm2PqtE UJMNdUTGOQC; Fight school guard Ivan- Password is mubsoiWsugi SL8qcQgFQ3S eTWXnedgbYM; Ivan defeated, High School open- Password is t1izvpdOZnZ JxNkJp7Cpub XMPQgXErSMF; Fight Slick- Password is XfMdZTHwiR3 jaj6jfRUDEt tilm2tWRo8b.