Street Fighter 2 Turbo Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Ryu has a new arsenal of punches that deliver multi-hit blows, even in the air! His normal strong punch hits low blocks. His Super Combo is one of the deadliest! Hadoken!

Ken has the most new attacks of all the World Warriors, starting with several new knock-down kicks for endless combo possibilities. His Super is a six-hit double Dragon Punch! Shoryuken!

Chun Li has come of age, and now has a triple-hit Air Kick. The Spinning Bird Motion is now performed like a Double Dred Kick. Her Super is very deadly.

Guile doesn't need anything to remain a powerful character, but Capcom went ahead and gave him more effective kicks. His Super tags leaping opponents for at least three hits.

Blanka has a new slide attack, as well as two lunging motions that can help him avoid attacks. His Super Combo can be paused by holding Punch.

Zangief is a tough foe now! His new Banishing Punch, Screwdriver combo really socks it to fireball throwers! His Super Combo is graphically spectacular! Ouch, that hurts!

E.Honda has regained much of his range and strength in this version! His 100 Hand Slap now lunges toward your foe instead of walking.

Fei Long is faster than before, and his all-new Anti-Fireball attack makes him a deadly adversary for any hurlers. His Super Combo attack has very short range.

Dhalsim has undergone many changes which make him easily the most refined World Warrior. His stretching is controllable! Good luck getting his Super Combo to work.

Cammy now has a new somersault that lets her get in range for one of three attacks: throw, trip, or leg smash. Her Super Combo is very effective against tall foes.

Dee Jay is now as deadly as Guile! The addition of his new anti-air kick gives him an edge against jumpers. Like Chun Li's Spinning Air Kick, it will hit three times in the air if timed right.

T. Hawk has been sped up considerably! Despite his size, he is now one of the fastest characters! His only other change is to the lack of a joystick motion for the Condor Dive.

Balrog has learned from his failure against ducking opponents, so now he has a dashing low punch! To make matters worse, his Super Combo is quick and has a long range.

Besides better speed, Sagat has learned to control his Tiger Uppercut, granting him multiple hits! Up to five hits can be had, but the damage is lessened.

Vega has added a new kick to his arsenal; one that hits three times if your opponent is in the air! His Super Combo charges easily with his single backflip (press all three kick buttons).

The only thing poor M. Bison has learned is how to control his Devil Reverse Punch in the air. His torpedo only hits blocking opponents once.


This hidden end-Boss is shrouded in secrecy, but we've managed to get some pix of him in action! His arsenal consists of attacks from Ryu and Ken, as well as a few new ones of his own, like his Mid-air Fireball! Can we say die? He takes out M. Bison to start Round One, and then you must face him alone. Think fast, because his speed and strength are second only to Sheng Long! One word of warning, gang! Don't call Capcom trying to find out how to get to him! Not even their experts have figured it out yet! If any of you gamers figure it out, write to Trickman Terry!