Super Mario World Cheats

SNES Cheats

Strange Mario walk

Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits.

Climb and carry item

Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, and may continue to climb the vine.

Uphill Yoshi slide

Face toward a slope and press Down and L or R to slide upward.

Reuse P

Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.

Maximum lives

Find Yoshi and place a power-up that is not already in use in the item box. Enter a previously completed course and find a berry that is positioned just above Yoshi's mouth. Press Select to drop the power-up from the item box. Have Yoshi jump so that he eats the berry and the power-up at the same time. The game will freeze and the coin total will increase rapidly. Press Start + Select to exit the level after accumulating ninety-nine lives.

Alternatively, Go to the Forest of Illusion 1 with a cape, Locate the section with the caterpillars on the logs. Instead of killing the caterpillars, jump up and hold Y + B and try to land the first caterpillar on the head so it's hat falls off. Repeat this for the second and third caterpillars. After hitting the third caterpillar, return to the first caterpillar (his hat will be back on). Repeat this procedure until symbols begin appearing above the caterpillar's heads. Use this trick to collect coins, lives and points, but make sure you do not run out of time.

Finding the blue blocks

The Blue Switch Palace is found in the Forest of illusions 2. Play the water maze as far up and to the right as you can go. There are some diversions that lead you to pick up a life in the mid-level of the maze, but eventually you have to go up in order to find your way down. Work your way towards the bottom of the maze. If you are in the correct section, you will see a wall to the left that is rectangular and marked off by a line from the larger wall that sits on it. You can walk right through that wall, going left rather than right. The key to the blue switch palace comes into view very quickly.

99 Mario Trick

Go to the level in world 5 shown in the map. You must do this trick after you have already beaten the level. Get the Starman by hitting the multi block when the Magic Feather is showing. Once you have the Star Man run through the enemies until you start collecting 1-UPs. Once you have reached the Hammer Brother on the flying blocks, hold START, and press SELECT. Go into the world and repeat this until you have 99 men!

Change The Music

It is possible to change the music when you reach the "SPECIAL" screen show above! To do this you must first get to the special screen and, instead of going into a world, simply let the music play out. After waiting for a few minutes, you'll notice that the tune changes! See if you can guess what familiar music that starts playing on the SPECIAL screen.