Vegas Stakes Cheats

SNES Cheats

Quick final win

Bet and save after winning to accumulate over $100,000. Bet the entire amount on a single Black Jack hand. Reset and bet again if you lose the hand. Repeat this procedure to accumulate $10,000,000 in winnings.

In Vegas Stakes for the Super NES, you can do this method to get approximately ten million dollars and win the game. To do this, start a new game with your given money and play the slot machines. Every time you win a large sum of money, go back to your room and save your game. Do this until you reach $100,000. By saving, you won't go broke from one mistake. You will also be accepted into Laurel Palace, which is only for the high rollers. Switch your game to Blackjack and bet all of your money on one hand. If you lose, just push the Reset button on your Super NES and choose to continue your game with all of the money intact. Bet all of your money again.

Keep saving when you win, doubling your money each time. Continuing to do this will make it easier to get to your goal. Once you pass $9,999,999 you will get a big Congratulations and also a question from the person who you took with you on your adventure for big bucks!