Zanac Cheats

NES Cheats

Level select

Reset the NES system thirteen times, then press Select. Choose the "Continue" option and press Left or Right to select a starting level. Press Start to begin game play.

Sound test

Hold A + B and power on the NES system. Alternatively, hold Start + Select + A + B at the game over screen. Release all buttons when the screen turns black.

Continue game play

After losing the game on level 11 or 12, highlight the "Continue" option on the title screen, press Down, Up on controller two, then press Start on controller one. Alternatively, after the title screen re-appears hold Up + A + B + Select until "Continue" is highlighted, then press Start.

Ship power-up

Hold A + B and press Start at the title screen. After six "6" power-ups are collected, all objects will transform into extra lives.

Transform ship

Hold A + B + Select + Start when game play begins.

Hidden Level Select

To start on any level of Zanac, hit the RESET button on the NES console 13 times right after you turn the system on with the game plugged in. Hit 'Start' and move the cursor prompt to Continue. You will then be able to move left and right to select the level!