Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Cheats

NES Cheats

Start at second world

Enter ZELDA as a name to begin at the second world.

Quick experience points

Complete the first quest, then go to one of the palaces during the second quest. After he has placed the crystal in the statue, his experience points will quickly increase. While this is occurring, press Up + A on controller two. Select the save option and then resume game play with a new character. This new character will also gain experience points quickly.

The Final Guardian

Go to the left side of the screen and rapidly tap B when fighting your shadow character.

Expert mode

Enter ZELDA as a password.

Quit game

Press Start on controller one, then hold Up + A on controller two.

Easy experience

Save the game after completing the game once. Use this character to complete a castle. Press Start on controller one, then hold Up + A on controller two. Save the game and immediately begin game play with a new character. The new character's experience points will rapidly increase after starting.

All Weapons

Enter smmkghuj as a passowrd.

Experience Booster

This is a helpful trick that will help novice players get some quick experience with very little trouble at all! First of all, one of the three games stored on the cartridge must have already completed the first adventure and be battling the second quest. For the other Links to receive this free boost, the Link who has already finished the first quest needs to go through one of the palaces. When that Link's experience begins to go up, after you have set the crystal in the statue's forehead, press 'Start' on controller one, then press 'Up' and 'A' at the same time on controller two. The 'Continue' or 'Save' option will appear. Select the 'Save', then choose another Link to use. Upon starting his first quest, the other Link's experience will start going up and continue to raise many levels!