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Here's a company that, with a few minor exceptions, has found a very successful niche in the NES market by sticking with recognizable sports titles. Having already done justice to baseball and tennis, Jaleco is now banking on Basketball and Hockey as well as an in-depth action piece.

Hoops - A basketball simulation with a twist! Hoops recreates the finer points of street basketball, where teams of two compete on the blacktop. Great enhancements like a close-up visual of each slam dunk make Hoops one of the best basketball games ever!

Goal! - Goal! cashes in on the booming popularity of soccer, a sport that now out-ranks football among teenage youth. Goal! features three different play formats: against the computer, against each other, or cooperatively against the computer. A Pass Key function allows you to save progress against the computer opponents.

Robowarrior - The first high action entry from Jaleco. Robowarrior combines the action elements from hits like Ghosts and Goblins with adventure overtones from The Legend of Zelda. The meshing of straight action with adventure turns out well, with plenty of game play throughout.

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GOAL! is here for devoted soccer players and fans everywhere.


Cyberball is an arcade game of 7-man American football, using robotic avatars of different speeds, sizes, and skill sets.
Sega Genesis NES


Unlike other "pro" basketball simulations Hoops features one on one or two on two player "street" basketball.

Operation Logic Bomb

Operation Logic Bomb is a Super NES action game where the player has to liberate a futuristic power plant from monsters that escaped through virtual reality.

Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal

Another basball video game.Another basball video game.


Part The Exorcist and part Innerspace, Juggernaut is a bizarre trip into a dark macabre world.

Brahma Force

PlayStation gamers have been given more than a few first-person perspective action games in the past year or so.

Super E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force

It's a horizontal shooter game developed and published by Jaleco for the SNES. Originally an arcade game, it featured a two player cooperative gaming mode which was later removed during its port to the SNES. In its SNES incarnation, graphical adjus..

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Here is your chance to become Young Indiana Jones, as you set out to single-handedly save the world from the Kaiser's war machine. In this World War I epic, you'll battle through 19 stages of globe-spanning action, from the deserts of Mexico to the..
Sega Genesis NES


Shatterhand takes you on an action packed solo journey through a technological nightmare.

Maniac Mansion

The Edison mansion has always been a weird old house somewhere on the edge of town.

Bases Loaded

If you're looking for authentic baseball action, this one's a hit since it puts you in the dugout, on the mound, in center field, and just about everywhere else except the stands.


Rampart is a revolutionary arcade game, released in 1990 by Atari Games, combining the shoot 'em up and puzzle genres.
Sega Genesis

Brawl Brothers

Brawl Brothers is a side-scrolling Beat'em up.You can choose one of five characters and pick up weapons like sticks, guns, grenades and such to defeat your enemies.

Whomp 'Em

The little Indian Brave's innocent Totem trek quickly turns into a psychedelic trip through eight mysterious Worlds, where objects of nature and Indian symbols, such as mushrooms and sacred dolls, transform into wild, life-size maniacs.

Tuff E Nuff

The game can be played with one to two real players. The game starts off with only four characters, but a Boss Code can unlock the other seven characters. The game has three modes: Story Mode, 1-Player to CPU Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. The fightin..

HammerLock Wrestling

Wrestling game.

Ignition Factor

The game features firefighters in realistic situations saving civilians in burning buildings, mining incidents, and industrial accidents.


Jaleco's first Dreamcast title. Carrier, will plunge them headlong into the world of survival horror as currently defined by Capcom's ubiquitous Resident Evil series.

Rival Turf!

The game was first installment in the Rushing Beat trilogy, which was followed by Brawl Brothers and The Peace Keepers.

Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End

Another football game.

Super Bases Loaded

Another basball video game.

Super Goal! 2

Another Soccer game.

Bases Loaded 4

Bases Loaded 4 combines the highly addictive, single-season baseball game play from Bases Loaded 1 and 2 with the snappy graphics and cool features of Bases Loaded 3.

The Peace Keepers

A one to two player game (four player for versus mode), The Peace Keepers spans multiple endings along with having multiple paths to take during the course of the game. There are six selectable characters in the game.

Bases Loaded 2

In Bases Loaded II you manage one of 12 teams during a 125-game season against the computer or head-to-head versus a friend.

Bases Loaded 3

Step up to the plate one more time in this classic baseball series.

Marus Mission

A new ninja action game from Jaleco that features side-scrolling action and role-play with confrontations with big end bosses and cool special effects.

Super Bases Loaded 2

Another basball video game.


Astyanax is an adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in Japan in 1989 and elsewhere in 1990.

Double Header

Double Header: The Bases Loaded Signature Series will have Major League Baseball Players Association players.