Battle Unit Zeoth

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a game by Jaleco
Platform: GameBoy
User Rating: 4.0/10 - 2 votes
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Battle Unit Zeoth
Battle Unit Zeoth
Battle Unit Zeoth
Battle Unit Zeoth

Battle Unit Zeoth from Jaleco is a metal mech-type shoot-em-up with a slight twist. The Battle Unit Zeoth (BUZ) packs a jet thruster a la The Rocketeer. You must pilot the BUZ through five levels of alien-infested streets, underground bases, and finally the mechanical command base.

Flying is tricky. To guide the BUZ, press the A button and the thrusters kick in, blasting a boost upward. Release A and BUZ floats down. You use the directional pad to point the BUZ for either flying or shooting. The controls can be a hand full, especially when you're firing weapons and trying to fly during intense enemy attacks, but they give the game its own personality.

Amber Waves of Grein?

Make that attacking waves of Grein. Grein is the metallic alien race that apparently still holds a grudge against Earthlings after being chased off the planet 42 years ago. They secretly built an underground base near New Age City, and now they're poised for another attack.

Fortunately, you have more than just the standard rapid-fire Vulcan cannon to thrash the Grein. You can get beam weapons, laser weapons, power-ups to upgrade your weapons, and even a hyper shield upgrade that re-energizes your life meter.

One Life to Live

Yes, you only have one life to get through each level. Of course, unlimited continues makes the trip easier. In fact, with only five levels, BUZ is a very short game.

The side view action flows both horizontally and vertically. Level One begins on the city streets, where you'll run into many power-ups as well as the easiest of enemies. Level Two scrolls vertically. As you descend into the underground base, let gravity pull you down slowly, rather than zipping down into a slew of Grein. Level Three is where the action really gets going, with new enemies and few power-ups. The best strategy for this level is to just keep moving. The remaining two levels you ought to experience yourself. They help make this short game, fairly difficult.

BUZ Isn't Bad

Although BUZ isn't an especially great game, it's a good Game Boy shooter. It's short, but challenging. If your trigger finger is itchin' for a new shoot-em-up, give BUZ a buzz.


  • Some enemies can only be killed with a Beam or a Laser weapon. If you are having trouble with a enemy, you may need a better weapon. Just avoid it or seek a power-up.
  • Stay at the top part of the screen in Level One to get power-ups galore.
  • To beat the first boss, move to the upper right corner, aim down, and shoot away!
  • Conserve your Hyper bombs. They use up your life meter, and you can get bonus points for leftover bombs.
  • Controlling the BUZ can be difficult sometimes. Try pressing the A button repeatedly, rather than holding it down to hover.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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