Castlevania: The Adventure

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a game by Konami
Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7.1/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Castlevania: The Adventure
Castlevania: The Adventure
Castlevania: The Adventure
Castlevania: The Adventure
  • Manufacturer: Konami

Introducing two new hits that are going to make your Game Boy scream with fear and excitement.

In Castlevania-The Adventure from Konami you'll journey with Simon Belmont on his third - and possibly most terrifying - quest through a maze of torture chambers and vampire crypts.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of Konami's hottest Nintendo Entertainment System games is reprogrammed on the GameBoy and it is hot! Only Super Mario Land comes as close to this game at reproducing arcade-style action on the GameBoy. You must guide Simon Belmont across both vertically and horizontally-scrolling playfields brimming with bad guys, Bosses, and much, much, more! A very good game that shows just how good GameBoy games can be!

Simon Belmont makes another appearance in this special GameBoy return engagement. Most of the features found in the NES Castlevania are intact here, including the now-famous whip weapon, weapon extenders, hidden 1 Ups, and secret rooms. Four levels of play culminate in a confronation with the ultimate evil, Dracula himself! But, just like in the original, things aren't always over when they appear to be...

People say:


This game, and other titles like Super Mario, are what is going to sell the GameBoy. This is a fantastic game that plays just like the NES version, with some minor limitations and fewer rounds. Regardless, it's a fantastic action game and absolutely the best thing to appear for GameBoy since SML.


A couple of hours with this game will convince you that the GameBoy is not a toy, but a real game system. Very detailed graphics, hidden rooms, and good player control, all add to the making of an outstanding game. Plays a bit on the slow side, but not slow enough to detract from the fun.


This game is proof that the GameBoy can duplicate all of the action of an NES title. Visually, one of the most amazing Game-Boy games to appear, with crisp backgrounds and excellent stereo sound. A good quest with plenty of challenge!


There's no doubting that this will be a big cart for the GameBoy and deservedly so. Castlevania has the right amount of all the ingredients needed to make a successful game. One of the few GameBoy titles seen so far that overcomes the lack of color to produce a very fun piece of software.

Castlevania has quickly become one of the most popular sagas to ever appear on our screens, with the ideal blend of action and adventure brought together in all three versions of the game (not to mention a new Nintendo version). The unique sights and sounds, powerful weapons and great graphics have made all of the Castlevania games more than good, they are the standard by which most other scrolling character adventures are compared to. The latest chapter, now available for the GameBoy continues this legacy.

While not as complex as the NES Castlevania, the GameBoy version is exceptional - with the same outstanding combinations of graphics, sounds, and play. Study the following maps carefully and defeat the evil one once and for all!

After you've climbed up the first rope, you must move to the left past several giant eyeballs that are rolling from the left to the right. Stand on the plateau just below the one that the eyeball is rolling on and whip straight ahead. If you are on the same level as the eyeball, duck down before whipping. Don't forget to grab the cross before climbing up the rope to insure safety from falling eyeballs. When you start across the next level, get in close to the jumping trolls and eliminate them with one whip and watch out for the flying birds! Avoid collision with these beasts by first letting them fly by (unless they are on the same horizontal level as Simon when they appear) and turning around to whip them when they approach from the left to attack. This technique can be used against them throughout the game.

Your monster-bustin' mission begins in the forest, where you'll meet some of the game's creepy creatures out to stop Simon. This is a good area to practice using your whip, knock out a few bad guys, and power-up your weapon to its most awesome strength. Move to the right until you reach the first rope and proceed to the next set of screens.


Once you reach the extreme right, you must move up a succession of passageways linked by ropes. In these rooms you must beware of falling eyeballs so be sure to grab up the invincibility crosses in both rooms. Once you make it through the hidden room and to the highest plateau, you'll be attacked by all of the previou attackers as well as bats in the two pits that appear just prior to the Boss Lair. Time your jumps carefully to avoid the bottomless pits and get over the two pits.


After you make it over the two wide pits on top of the floating stones, be sure to jump quickly on the platforms on the extreme right of the second pit. These platforms (which become much more numerous in later levels), begin falling almost immediately after Simon lands on top of them! If you manage to make it across these impediments, descend into the final pit - the Lair of the first level Boss! Proceed to the extreme right of this pit and capture the flashing crystal ball to make the Boss Monster appear. The Boss will appear near the center of this area, so stand your ground to its right. Get in close and whip (preferably with an extended whip). If the monster gets too close or launches its mace against you, back up, turn around again, and resume your attacks.

Simon Belmont, hero of the ever-popular Castlevania series for the NES, makes his way to the small screen in this adventure title. Once again Simon is out to destroy the ever-unpopular Count. In order to succeed he'll have to search for secret items such as hearts, crystals, and other magic as well as survive deadly torture chambers and vampire crypts. And remember, the Count "vants to suck your blood."

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