A Train

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a game by Maxis Software
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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A Train
A Train
A Train
A Train

Although it may be a great tool for budding engineers, A Train just doesn't roll with the same FunFactor of other sim games. The graphics are simple, with two-color plains to construct your railroad on, and the happy-go-lucky music isn't helpful. This game won't appeal to many, so rent it first. For better sim fun, try choo-choo-choosing another title, like Theme Park.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sim-heads take note: Maxis, the whiz-kid-kid company behind such classics as SihCity, SimWorld and all the other SimGames out there is at it again. This time, the objective is simple: Become a business mogul by creating a huge railroad empire.

A-Train works the same as all other Maxis sims. You start with nothing and build Lay down track and buy up land to ensure you have the controlling interest in the area. As you grow, the town around you grows. Soon, if you're lucky, a bustling city will have developed around you.

This is a another fantastic sim from Haxis. All of the excitement of creating your own world is there. Careful planning and savvy business deals will ensure your success. Reap the benefits of smart decisions by seeing a wonderful metropolis expand around you. One of the cooler features in this game is a first-person, 3-D trip in one of your trains.

You can travel along one of your routes, check out the scenery and see how things are looking.

All in all, A-Train is an enjoyable game that, while not for everyone, will certainly appeal to fans of other Maxis tides.

People say:


A-Train has the addictive quality of SimCity 2000 with more things to worry about. This is the sort of game that can pass an entire day away without you noticing. The fact that the load time is a bit extreme adds to that effect. A-Train is easy enough to pick up. and it'll draw you in. The graphics are pretty good, and the logic in the design engine is sound. If you want a game that is worth the money you pay, A-Train is one of those games. It's highly recommended.


A-Train is a simulation title from Maxis, the same company that developed such great titles as SimCity and SimTower. First of all, this is a game that only true sim fans will probably enjoy as it is a very time-intensive game and requires a lot of experimenting with the placement of the basic city components. I liked the 3-D Mode where you can ride one of the trains while viewing the surroundings. This is a cool idea! Not a game for me, but still a sound product for its audience.


I can usually get into a Maxis sim game, but this one seemed to be a little too boring to me. Granted, you can control everything from bus and train schedules, purchase land, build amusement parks and even take a 3-D ride on your busses and trains, but even with all that, A-Train seemed to still have something missing. Maybe it's the scheduling thing. Sim gamers might not have trouble getting into A-Train, but there are a lot of other sims out there that aren't that different.


Maxis simulation games usually strike me as well thought-out and developed games that have little trouble consuming much of your time. A-Train on the contrary does not have that major jump over other sims to make it purchasable. The new 3-D bus and train views are one nice addition, but they do not make the game a winner by themselves. I feel sim fans could easily get into this one, but having SimCity 2000 as a standard will make A-Train feel like a partial attempt at a game.

Along the same lines as SimCity and Railroad Tycoon, A-Train allows you, the city's leader, to layout, design and build a civilization of your choice and manage its resources. Your job isn't as easy as it sounds, however. Many problems will arise that you will have to find solutions for. Balancing a budget, managing materials and keeping the population happy are just a few of the duties that will consume a good portion of your time. This is just some of the fun to be found in A-Train though.

Although the control will take a while to get used to, it is efficient and offers a quick interface to build structures of your choice. Common to sim games like this are the many menus that seem to dominate most of your decisionmaking time. They provide groups of selections that are cataloged in an organized manner. Some of the city structures include roads and train tracks as well as aquariums, churches and golf courses to keep the people happy at their new residences.

Graphically, A-Train is based on a one-square grid, object which is the smallest unit that you will be adding to your city. There will, however, be areas such as airports that will demand multiple grid squares touching each other for them to work properly. These tax your land supply and in some cases you will have to buy land from private land-owners in order to build your desired structure.

Graphically A-Train is superb. While a populated city consists of a lot of small details, when you go to a larger map to see the overall picture, the game is still visually sharp. This allows you to see exactly what is going on in any part of the town by simply scrolling to your land's borders.

If constructing the perfect civilization with your own balance of design and function appeals to you as a player, you will really get into A-Train. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to give this public transportation-based simulation a try.


Most simulation games have a hard time adding that special feature which brings your newly created city to life. A-Train gives the player a visual indication of a constantly changing time of day that reflects the gameplay speed you have selected in the settings menu. Besides the darkening sky with the prominent city lights that come on after-hours, weather changes also occur, occasionally pouring rain on to your civilization and drenching its inhabitants day or night.


While you have the ability to build and place railways and streets like in other sim games, in A-Train you also have the opportunity to go for a ride on your public transportation and view your city in the first-person perspective as your inhabitants do. This free ride on the busses and the trains lets you see how you have placed your structures aesthetically and how well they fit in with their surroundings. In addition, breaks in the railroad tracks that aren't connected can also be found when you take some time out of your busy building schedule and view the city from the residents' eyes. Tunnels, bridges and twisting tracks come alive as you follow their trails. Another unique feature is you can change your line of sight by using the keypad to orientate yourself in the direction you wish to look.

  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Simulator

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