Absolute Obedience

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a game by Langmaor
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 6 votes
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Absolute Obedience
Absolute Obedience
Absolute Obedience

Punishment is a popular theme for Boy Love novels, as evidenced by games such as Kichiku Megane. In Absolute Obedience, punishment is the main theme of the novel. In this boy love visual novel, you play Kia Welbehenna, a conartist who is a member of a “Rape Agency” where he is paid to rape people who have wronged others.

For that matter, you also sometimes play Louise Hardwich, Kia’s boss. In this relatively short visual novel, you’re presented with 6 missions for each character that can all be solved by raping someone into submission. The setting has a historical feel, set somewhere in the post World War II era.

If you’re interested in this game based on the name, be warned—although Absolute Obedience implies slavery play, there is no such elements in this game.

Unclear perspectives

The player for the most part plays Kia, but sometimes Louise and others as well. This itself isn’t a problem, but the game doesn’t do a great job of making it clear whose head the player is currently in. This can make the game confusing, and detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game. This is in part because you can do the quests in any order, and bop between perspectives so fast it confuses yourself, but the lack of structure can detract from the game.

Interesting gameplay structure

As mentioned before, each mission can be done in any order, because they are for the most part separate stories. How well you perform (and by perform, the game means how good your sexual prowess is) you can unlock one of three possible endings. Each ending reveals a bit more about the characters in the plots. There is a “Bad” ending, a “Normal” ending, and a “Good” ending. If you’re set on seeing all possible endings be warned, once you have unlocked the good ending you are locked out of the normal ending for good, so try to see that one first if possible.

Not appropriate for everyone

Once again similar to Kichiku Megane, there are some very twisted elements in this game. In one ending, a boy is killed because he asks for forgiveness in church for his sins and a jealous Christ statue falls on him as punishment.

This game holds nothing back, and rape is a required part of every single mission. If you’re uncomfortable with themes of rape, including child rape, this game is not right for you. Even if you’re okay with rape, some of the scenes are so over the top you may still find yourself feeling uncomfortable with them.


This yaoi is hilarious, entertaining, and inappropriate all at the same time. If you love amoral heroes, this is a memorable game to play. While what perspective you are in can sometimes be confusing, for the most part it does the job of telling an entertaining boy on boy story well.


  • Quick play through


  • Rape themes may be uncomfortable for some viewers

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