The Adventures of Bayou Billy

a game by Konami
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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The Adventures of Bayou Billy
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Bad guys better not mess with Bayou Billy! Most times, he's not someone you'd even want to cross, but his girl, Annabelle, has just been kidnapped, and Billy is fit to be tied. Things are about to get mighty uncomfortable for Gordon, the Gangster King of Bourbon Street, and his gang of thugs.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy combines martial-arts action, shooting, and fast driving. As Billy, you start your adventure down in the bayous of Louisiana. From there you travel to Dixie Swamp, where your aim with the light gun is tested. Gator Alley sets the scene for hand-to-hand (and sometimes hand-to-claw) combat with Gordon's henchmen and a few hungry alligators. Then you must fight your way to New Orleans in your four-wheel drive "doom buggy." Other cars and airplanes try to keep you from confronting Gordon at his plantation. But even if you reach New Orleans, your troubles won't be over. Gordon and his thugs go all-out to keep you from freeing Annabelle.

Throughout the game, Billy must take advantage of the help and extra weapons he finds. Weapons include the Ugly Stick (effective against most enemies), the Foot Long Blade, the Whipper Snapper, and the Magnum Pistol. Defeated opponents conveniently drop the weapons, but Billy can carry only one at a time — except for the pistol, which he can keep as long as he has bullets.

Other important items include the Star, which can wipe out all opponents on the screen at once. Raw meat (dropped by the henchmen or the alligators) and first-aid boxes will replenish Billy's life energy. A bulletproof vest offers welcome protection, an hourglass sustains Billy's supply of bullets, and gasoline cans scattered along the road will award bonus time.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy keeps you busy as you battle your way to Bourbon Street. And, with its good humor, it keeps you laughing as well. After all, a game with characters named Tolouse L'Attack, Jacques Killstow, and Schwartz N. Eiger isn't exactly playing it straight.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Annabelle Bon Vivant, a delectable Southern sweetheart if ever there was one, has just been abducted by Godfather Gordon, the gangster king of Bourbon Street. Old Gordo, fed up with Bayou Billy's interference in his affairs, figured that snatching Billy's girl was the best way to slow him down.

But Gordon obviously doesn't know Bayou Billy very well. The kidnapping of Annabelle has only made Billy more determined to get rid of Gordon and his gang once and for all. Billy won't rest until Godfather Gordon is pushing up swamp grass from the bottom of the bayou.

And so the battle begins.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy, a new game from Konami for your Nintendo Entertainment System, is actually several games in one. Though most of Bayou Billy is comprised of hand-to-hand fighting scenes, some levels have you driving a swamp jeep down a danger-ridden roadway or picking off baddies with your light gun.

There are nine levels of play. In the first, you must take on Gordo's henchman in hand-to-hand combat. Utilizing punches, kicks and jump-kicks, you must defeat the thugs before they turn you into muskrat feed. As you fight, your enemies will drop useful items, such as weapons, equipment or "raw meat" (retch), which will restore Bayou Billy's life meter (or should that be "meater"?).

As if bloodthirsty thugs are not enough, Billy must also wade through alligator-infested swamps as he makes his way toward his sweetheart, Annabelle. The gators, of course, are delighted with the chance to take a chunk out of Billy's bod, and he must fight valiantly to escape their crushing jaws.

In the car-race levels, you, as Billy, must navigate a swamp jeep down treacherous roads, avoiding swamp stompers (jeeps) that come at you from the opposite direction, as well as planes and helicopters that drop bombs from above. Keeping your vehicle on the road is challenge enough, but you'll also have to man your rifle in order to blast the enemies from your path.

The light-gun levels add even more variety to The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Here you trade in your controller pad for the Zapper gun and blast Gordo's baddies as they creep from behind trees or run through the swamps. Besides the thugs, targets that allow you to stock up on life or bullets will also appear.

For those without the Zapper light gun, the game provides a selection that allows you to use the standard controller pad for the gun-shooting sequences. When the game is set for this option, you control a crosshair on the screen with the arrow pad and fire whenever the crosshair is over your target. Although this method is clumsier than using the light gun, it is a workable alternative.

How does Billy stack up to the competition? Besides the unusual combination of fighting, road-race and target-shooting games, The Adventures of Bayou Billy offers nothing new. The hand-to-hand fighting sequences are typical and unexciting; the car-racing levels have been done better elsewhere; and the target-shooting is still more of the same old thing. The game does sport some interesting graphics and some dynamite music, but those things alone are not enough to make it a best-seller.

Some games are immediately appealing, while other games grow on you after a few hours of play. Bayou Billy did neither for this reviewer. If you're interested in obtaining yet another karate-type fighting contest, you might be interested in The Adventures of Bayou Billy, but for the most part, this swamp tour is uninspired.

In this action packed game you become Billy, the meanest good guy in the Louisiana Bayou, determined to save your girl from the evil clutches of the Gangster King of Bourbon Street and his henchmen. Billy must fight, shoot and drive his "doom" buggy through the murky swamps and into the streets of New Orleans in search of Annabelle. You'll be zapping evil monsters, wrestling alligators and cruising through the streets shooting up a storm on your road hugging, four-wheel drive doom machine. The chase ends with a climactic battle inside the Gangster King's heavily armed estate where Annabelle is imprisoned.

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