Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

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a game by Sega
Genre: Action
Platform: Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

Aaaaaalex! Aaaaaalex! Where has that squirrely little daydreamer gotten himself off to this time!? Always disappearing off on some wacky adventure. Well, by process of elimination we can rule out the scissors/paper/stone madness of Miracle World 'cause there's no sign of the evil Janken. Of course, there's always the celestial plight of the Lost Stars, but since they're up in the sky twinkling away right now, it can't be that either. Hmmmm, that doesn't leave us much to work with, but knowing Alex and his imagination, wherever he's gotten himself off to it's no doubt full of all sorts of wild surprises.

Meanwhile, while we're conjuring up ideas as to Alex's whereabouts, off in a flower patch Alex and his best gal are happily hangin-out, soaking up some rays until whammo...tragedy strikes! Suddenly a dark form flashes out of the sky and snatches up Alex's sweetheart. Stunned, poor Alex doesn't know where to turn. Luckily at that moment, the form of a good ninja appears, explaining to Alex that after 1000 years of banishment the evil, Dark Ninja has returned to reap havoc in the land. All is not lost though, as the good ninja offers to help Alex by first bestowing Alex with ninja powers and second, transporting him into the land of the evil Dark Ninja, Shinobi World.

Now, sporting nothing but a set of oversized ears and a single Katana blade, Alex must set off to face four phases (three levels each) of impending Shinobi doom, in Sega's newest Master System, Alex saga. The burning question is: Can you help Alex win back his love. Stay tuned for more.

Dancing the Shinobi Shuttle

Alex's adventure begins in the city streets of what could appropriately be dubbed "Ninjaville." In other wads, the streets are crawling with'em so start slashin' A.S.A.P. If your Katana just isn't cuttin' it, don't worry there are plenty of treasure chests brimming with goodies such as a super- slasher (powered-up sword), spears, energizer hearts, and if you're really lucky an extra life.

Climbing the Walls

If you're either a monkey or you just have a passion fa climbing things, you'll both love and loathe Shinobi World. Alex is a pretty handy little climber though, and he can tackle the challenges, but just be prepared fa some hair-tearing aggravation when you discover a cheeky little twist. Just when you've managed to hack and claw your way nearly all the way through these vertical tunnels, you'll be happy to discover that some of the bricks miraculously regenerate themselves. There's mae. You don't have to climb wall-tunnels, some are simply there to trip you up.

Scooby Dooby Diving

If you're an Alex fan, then you know that no Alex Adventure would be complete without a few underwater scenes. So on that note, take a deep breath and get set to dive into the shark-infested waters of level two.

An Underground Pounding

Guess what, gamers? You get to go underground, too in level 3 (Ha, Ha). The, dripping caverns you'll find here are deadly,so watch your footing, mind your head and learn the timing of the drips.

Staying on the Ball

Are you ready to roll? If you've made it this far, you're now in level 4, the final chapter. Whew! Don't slow down now, rollin'-bowlin' balls as well as more secret passages will keep you and Alex plenty busy till the end.

Good old Alex, he's done it again. Only this time he's landed in a world full of trouble, Shinobi style. If you're looking for some truly cross cart-ural entertainment, look no further. Alex is in a tight spot but we all know he's got the stuff to come out on top. Remember: Tricks are for Kidd!


  • To start Alex climbing press the directional pad and Button Two simultaneously. This will get him airborne and moving in the direction of the wall. Alter he's airborne, let go ol the directional button and wait for him to make contact with the side ol the wall. Now, simply continue to push Button Two rapidly and he'll bounce from one side ol the wall to the next.
  • Make Alex climb up the lamp posts in level 1. When he peaches the top hold down button 1 until he begins to spin. At top speed, Alex turns into a fireball. When this happens, aim him towards the enemy, release the button, and relax for a moment as he burns up the atmosphere and some enemies too!
  • Stand on top ol the little boxes that release bowling balls. Wait here, learn their timing and make a run for it before you become a human bowling pin!
  • In level 3 you must cross over a huge waterfall via a very shaky log bridge. Look closely at the logs betore you cross. The logs that have a slight greenish tint to them are rotten and will collapse if you jump onto them.
  • In level 3-2, jump to the first floating platform, then lacing left jump again. Surprise, you've just landed on a secret hidden passageway that will take you salely over some of the poisonous cavern waters.
  • There's no tree ride on the railcars in level 3-2. After you jump onto the railcar you must run in the same direction that it's moving, otherwise you'll be llung oil right onto a nasty bed of spikes.
  • To avoid the health hazard of the baby helicopters (Big boss, level 2-1), position Alex at the furthest point of the right-hand corner.
  • At the end of Level 2-1, go out the extra door to the left. (Not the one that says "exit"). After you get through the door, jump up the first two ledges, then make a big jump to the ledges on the right. Now, jump up onto the highest of these ledges (you'll disappear for a moment), run across and you'll come out on the other side where you'll find a treasure chest with an extra life inside of it. Yahoooi To get out, just go back the way you came in -go through the door and then out the other door marked "exit."

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Sega Master System

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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