Psycho Fox

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a game by Vic Tokai
Genre: Action
Platform: Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Psycho Fox
Psycho Fox
Psycho Fox
Psycho Fox

Why Tonka passed on Psycho Fox is anybody's guess. It's a great game in the same tradition as Super Mario Bros. 2. All of the running, jumping, and fighting takes place on a scrolling playfield littered with strategically-placed obstacles and enemies who stand in your way. During each round you can choose one of four identities (Fox, Monkey, etc.), and each character can perform its own list of amazing feats. Throw in the superior Sega graphics and you get a good dcrivitive and a great game.

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Sega Master System

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of the first Master System games to appear since the major Sega reorganization, Psycho Fox meshes parts of the standard action game formula (attacking, jumping, etc.) with familiar themes like character swapping that have been made popular in other games like Super Mario 2. The end goal, as in most games of this sort, is to reach the end of the round and move to a confrontation with bigger baddies.

People say:


Psycho Fox does a good job of revealing what a good game machine the Master System is. This game does have some rough points, but the graphics, action and options elevate it to the position of one of the better Sega 8-Bit offerings.


A Super Mario clone in a Sega disguise that features a fox instead of a carpenter. Multi-screen scrolling up and sideways make this an inviting title with a lot of charm. All the Mario-style game play Sega fans have been waiting for.


There's no doubt that this game was inspired by Super Mario-style games, but Psycho Fox has a few advances over the original Super Mario adventure. No where near as good as Mario 3, but a nice action-filled change of pace for Sega.


I'm glad to see that the Sega is finally getting a stream of games worthy of the system. Golden Axe showed me that the Master System was still viable, and Psycho Fox reinforces it. Lots of action, dual movement, and decent graphics give this a boost.

For centuries, the benevolent Fox spirits ruled the land from their Inari Shrines. But the Mad Fox cast chaos across the world! Now, the crazy canine and his strange creations are in control. The good foxes have ordered Psycho Fox to vanquish this mad menace. Guess who's about to get foxy?

Sly Moves

Psycho Fox for the Sega Master System is a one-player cart that takes you on a brain-draining quest. You journey through seven stages, three rounds each. Climb the clouds or jog down into dark chambers; there are always several possible paths to take. It's up to you to find the route that works best fa you.

Enemies and traps abound, but Psycho Fox is up to the task. He packs a powerful punch and he can run, long jump, and high jump to escape trouble.

Wise Cracks

Your path is strewn with eggs, which you crack open to reveal hidden surprises. Psycho Sticks transform you into one of three helpful creatures. The ghostly clones are 1 -ups, which you have to catch before they disappear. The Straw Effigy destroys all enemies onscreen. Magic Medicine makes you temporarily invincible. Finally, you'll find Money Bags which you bet at the end of each round fa more powers or lives. Watch out for enemies hiding in bad eggs!

Animal Friends

Psycho Fox doesn't travel alone. Your closest (and most powerful) companion, Bird Fly, resides in some of the eggs. Fie perches on your shoulder, until you meet a bad guy. Press Button 1. Your fine-feathered friend flies out to bop him and returns to you. And Bird Fly is a life saver, too. If he's with you when a beastie nails you, he vanishes, but he takes the enemy with him (and you don't loose a life). Don't wary, crack the right egg and Birdie returns.

Bird Fly's pretty cool, but the Psycho Sticks help you help yourself. Use the Sticks to become a monkey, a tiger, or a hippo. The monkey is an excellent jumper. The tiger is a speedy runner as well as a strong long jumper. The brawny hippo can bust through walls, but his bulk makes his other abilities suffer. Naturally, learning to choose the right animal for the job is key.

The Fox and His Minions

You'll need all the help you can get because your foes wage a relentless attack. You'll face Red Hoppers, Hermit Crabs, Bad Bees, Animated Stone Warriors, Propeller Heads, and Skulking Skulls. They look cute, but looks can kill.

At the end of each level, you square up against one of three boss monsters. Luckily, special tools appear to help you beat them. The segmented Mad Tumbler tries to ram you with his body parts. Use the air gun to knock his insides out. The mechanical Robo Fly is a pesky villain, but bug spray bugs him. Tire Innocent is a fourlegged thingie that's anything but. Hit it on the head. In the final showdown, the Mad Fox hurls lightning bolts at you, but you can fight back with a bomb launcher.

The Psycho World

Psycho Fox battles the bad guys across seven colorful (and weird) landscapes. The Mystical Mountains are filled with scary stairways, luscious lakes, and sky islands. Skull Land features eerie totem poles, topped with skulls that crash down on you. Mae tricky stairs greet you in the Diabolical Desert. Wind Zone is a breezy place where sudden gusts of air either help you leap high into the sky a impale you on beds of needles. The Underground Passageway is a menacing pipe-filled maze. Ice Zone is a slippery place where running is tough and fireballs heat up the action. Ride the Underground Cavern's'steel ramps and escalators to terrible places. Here, too, all the other traps and obstacles await you.

At the end of each stage (after you defeat the boss), you enter the Amida lottery, a special bonus round, where you bet your Money Bags. You might win extra lives, Magic Medicine, and Straw Effigies-or you might drop into a foxhole and land at the next stage without your cash.

Can you outfox the Mad Fox? Go psycho with Psycho Fox!


  • When you encounter a wide body ol water that you can't jump over, just take a running start and skip across it.
  • The Monkey and the Fox can use flag poles to make great jumps.
  • Whenever you crack open an egg, stand to the right so you don't have to chase 1-up characters, who scamper right when they emerge from eggs.
  • To skip to other levels, find the hidden Warp Zones. Check out stairways or paths that appear to lead nowhere! Throw a punch or unleash Bird Fly, and you might create a "tear" in the air. tt you do, pound it till the Zone opens up. Hop in!
  • Use Bind Fly like a boomerang to bash enemies in hard-to-reach locations. Position Psycho Fox so that B.F. will hit your toe on Ids return flight and hit Button 1. Keep trying till you succeed.
  • Psycho Fox can punch the baddies through obstacles. Pull up to a barrier and press Button 1 to punch the beast on the other side.

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