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All-Pro Basketball

Vic Tokai's All Pro Basketball has enough basketball action to keep any hoopster happy.


The long-awaited Silverload by Vic Tokai is a "hot-spot," point-and-click adventure with a sinister feel.


Socket played very similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog; so much so that it is often called a Sonic rip-off. Its sense of speed and platforming gameplay contributed to this thinking.
Sega Genesis

Clash at Demonhead

Clash at Demonhead is an open-ended platformer in the "Metroidvania" style. The player takes control of Billy "Big Bang" Blitz, who is capable of running, jumping, and shooting.


It is a vertical scrolling/top-down Shooter. Though to this day obscure, the game is known for its challenging difficulty and use of Mode 7 graphics.

Decap Attack

Decap Attack is a platformer game featuring seven three-stage levels with names such as Armington, Abdomainland and Eyeland.
Sega Genesis

Lock On

Gameplay involves flying the fictional F-119D Stealth Fighter against enemy forces. You are a fighter pilot going through wave after wave of enemies.

Trouble Shooter

A prince from another country have been kidnapped by a terrorist group and the government have decided that it's Madison's job to save the prince to avoid war between the two countries.
Sega Genesis

The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II

The Mafat Conspiracy from Vic Tokai features the continuing exploits of agent provocateur Duke Togo of Golgo 13 fame.

Bump 'n' Jump

You're cruising along with your baby, Bunny, in your Buggy, when from behind you hear this brainboggling bbbarooooom! It's Dark Jackal and his beastly band of Blacktop Bullies!

Battle Mania

Battle Mania is a horizontal and at times, vertical scrolling shooter. If you cannot endure playing little ships anymore, then Battle Mania is highly recommended.
Sega Genesis

Alien Virus

Alien Virus is the latest interactive adventure from Vic Tokai.

Time Dominator 1st

Educational platformer game.
Sega Genesis

Super Conflict: The Mideast

Flying shooter game.


Vic Tokai has a fighting game for the PlayStation in the works.

Whip Rush 2222 AD

Whip Rush's gameplay style was very similar to R-Type. You fire your weapon and earn the pods which follow your plane around. You can get new weapons which can be maxed out 3 times.
Sega Genesis

Battle Mania 2 - TS Vintage

Battle Mania Daiginjo is one of the more entertaining games for the Mega Drive as well as being a massive cult favorite that you should defiantly look in to if shooters are your thing.
Sega Genesis