The Legendary Axe

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a game by Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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The Legendary Axe
The Legendary Axe
The Legendary Axe
The Legendary Axe

Your name is Gogan, and you are returning to your village of Min-ofu after two years of studying the arts of the warrior. You are now a skilled fighter, quick and strong, ready for some well-deserved rest.

But upon entering your village, you find that your people are being terrorized by the Jagu, an evil cult. A bloodthirsty bunch, each year the Jagu demand that the villagers offer a human sacrifice to their leader, Jagu himself. This year's victim is Flare, your friend.

And so, armed only with Sting, the legendary axe, you set out to vanquish the enemy. You must fight your way through the Evil Place, their mountain hideout; find and destroy Jagu; and rescue Flare.

The Legendary Axe is a horizontally scrolling game with very smooth, flicker-free transitions from screen to screen. You control Gogan's movements - left and right, up and down ropes and ladders - with the four-way directional pad. Button 1 controls your axe, and button 2 your jumps. The game instructions recommend that you don't use the controller's built-in turbo feature for this game.

Now, you may be thinking you've heard all this before: hero progressing from left to right, jumping and attacking and ducking. But what sets this variation apart - and makes it a lot of fun to play - are the advanced features of the TurboGrafx-16 system. Gogan is a large, well-defined character, as are all his enemies. The animation is clean and lifelike, especially when you're wielding the axe. Gogan really winds up, and his arm extends forward with crushing force. Sparks fly as the axe strikes its target. Enemies recoil in pain, disappearing in bright swirls of lost energy.

The sound effects and music in The Legendary Axe are outstanding. The background music is complex, full, and less monotonous than the soundtracks of videogames for less capable systems. All this makes for greater playability; increased identification with the action and the hero; a better environment; and more interest in completing Gogan's task.

Another thing that sets The Legendary Axe apart from similar games is the number of factors which affect Gogan's attacking power. For example, a gauge at the top of the screen measures your power, the force behind your next axe-swing. With each swing you tire and lose power. In this game, therefore, you must do more than just chop away. Some enemies require stronger blows with the axe than others.

Although these tougher foes can be beaten with repeated, less powerful attacks, it is often wiser to wait, allowing Gogan to rest between blows and recover strength. An enemy that might take four quick swings to defeat can be destroyed more efficiently with a single stroke at full power. You can increase your maximum potential power by collecting the power supply shields found inside idols the Jagu have left everywhere. By smashing these idols, you can find items which will not only increase the force of your attack, but also add to your vitality (Gogan's life gauge), your attack speed, and the number of extra lives. These power items can be important, so be sure to find as many idols as you can. Some are out of the way and others are completely hidden.

As you move through the Evil Place, searching out Jagu and battling his followers, don't forget to take time to appreciate the graphics, the vivid colors and animation, and the beautiful backgrounds. And once you reach Jagu, try not to be so surprised by the size and detail of his on-screen character that you forget why you're there. Remember - Flare is depending on you.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

"He who possesses the axe will have power"

Legend has it that a fantatical cult tribe inhabits the Devil's Den, hidden behind the thick of the jungle. They indulge in black magic to transform animals into vicious monsters with a savagery to match their immense proportions.

Most of the villagers have fled in terror. Those who choose to re-jnain have to appease the wrath of the cult leader, Jagu, by sacrificing a victim selected from among their own people.

You are Gogan, a fledgling warrior, just returned from years of strenuous training for manhood. To your horror you discover that your beloved Flare was chosen as a sacrifice to the nefarious Jagu. But there's still time to save her! Armed with only battle scars, determination, and a mystical axe given to you by the village sage, you set out to endure six menacing zones of perilous encounters with a myriad of enemies.

The Jungle

With the agility of a trapeze artist, swing from vine to vine while fending off shrieking bats with your trusty axe. Dodge frenzied axemen who leap out from behind bushes. Destroy Jagu's miniature statues to reveal power-ups and increase the strength of your weapons. Blue and red crystals increase your point totals. Watch out for giant bears with ferocious tempers. They run quickly and swipe at you with skinpiercing claws. Take on one bear at a time.

Volcanic Cave

It's a hot spot of red piping-hot lava pits, spewing deadly balls of fire. Poison-spitting iguanas attack at every turn. Grab crystal containers to increase your attack strength. Let your strength meter charge full force as you narrowly escape being flattened by two gigantic runaway boulders. Danger isn't far behind as rugged rockmen, swinging axemen, and the deadly phoenix attack you. Use all your skill in jumping, and just the right timing, to escape these evil menaces. Grab power-balls from Jagu's idols to recover your strength. You take on a luminous glow as your energy charge goes up.

The Waterfall

Travel alongside a cascading, roaring waterfall. Frog-like creatures called Waterheads leap out of the river when you least expect it. Fend off flipping axemen with your powerful axe. Boost your striking power by snagging the "wing" item. Your axe strokes become faster and stronger.

Ghost's Hideout

Here you're besieged by screaming monkeys who grab and bite. Hordes of blood-thirsty bats flit around to annoy you and distract your attention. Survival is the name of the garfie as you come face-to-face with spear-throwing ghosts.

Jagu's Maze

It's a nightmarish labyrinth of big and small rooms. You can only move in one direction-with no backtracking. Pick the wrong direction and you'll start again at the beginning of the zone. Beware of Sucla, the mysterious shrouded lady with the Crystal ball at yourWhen hit by the axe. Suda is transformed into a bat. Battle Jagu's evil sidekick, a monstrous zombie who flings fireballs at you. Watch out, he'll warp himself into unpredictable places, sometimes right on top of you.

Jagu Himself

Finally you're face to face with your ultimate foe, Jagu. He's no ordinary-sized enemy as he towers over you more than ten-fold. Use all you've learned from your training and the powerful swings of your legendary axe to eliminate this evil menace. The climactic battle, and dramatic rescue of Flare is a scene you won't want to miss.

You ve never seen graphics like this! Crisp and vibrant color make scrolling through the different scenarios an experience in itself. The cascading waterfall, the rippling stream, flickering candles, and a beautiful mountain '":, range are a just a few of the visual treats in store for you. In addition, the changing musical score really keeps the pace of the game going. So come out swinging; you won't get a second chance.


  • When you're surrounded by ghosts, hop over one so they're both on the same side ot you. Since only one ghost at a time can attack, you'll have the upper hand. Then wallop them one by one!
  • To avoid being smashed, jump on the vine.

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