Aliens vs. Predator

a game by Rebellion
Platform: PC
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Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator

Remember the old Aliens vs. Predator game for the Jaguar? Great--now forget it ever existed. The PC version promises to take these two movie monsters into the modem 3D realm for all the acid-bleeding action you can handle.

Players choose to control the Alien, the Predator, or the not-so-hapless Colonial Marine. Aliens can slash, bite (with both sets of jaws), tailwhip enemies, and scurry up walls. Predators use wrist blades, a shoulder cannon, and other projectile weapons as they hunt their prey. Marines pack plasma rifles, flamethrowers, and other items of military force to splatter both baddies on sight.

Each character has at least one form of alternate vision (infrared, etc.) and their own unique abilities. Aliens, for instance, can destroy power-ups that other characters need to survive and can eat opponents to gain health. The alpha we got our hands on showed great potential and accurately conveyed the spirit of the films. Watch for three downloadable demos at (one for each character) as the game steadily approaches its March release.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Aliens Versus Predator offers the ultimate sci-fi creature double feature--triple feature, really--and gives rabid shooter fans something to really sink their claws into.

I Don't Know Which Species Is Worse

AVP lets players become the Aliens, the Predators, or the Colonial Marines, each with their own single-player mission structure. Not only are the adventures difficult, but they're also needlessly frustrating because you can't save your game in mid-level--you either complete it or restart it. That's simply inexcusable.

AVP's multiplayer action is where the game comes alive. The Aliens are fast and can climb walls--but they're not well armored or armed; the Predators can turn invisible and snipe their opponents with high-tech weapons, but rely on a limited power supply; and the Marines can blow up stuff better than the other two but, hey, only human and therefore the underdog.

Cinematic hallmarks abound in AVR Schwarzeneggers mantra in Predator was "If it bleeds, we can kill it" In AVR it's just the opposite--if it bleeds, it can kill you. Get too close to a dying Alien corpse, and you'll either be burned by the acidic blood or sliced by its dangerous tail-thrashing death throes.

How Could They Cut The Power? They're Animals!

Graphically, everything's awesome--from the utilitarian colony halls to the organic Alien hive walls. Each character has at least one enhanced view mode: The Aliens skitter across ceilings at stomach-churning speeds in a fish-eye perspective. just to make you feel all the more inhuman; the Predator has rainbow heat vision; and the Marines sport an image intensifier. You'll need all these visual advantages, too--AVP's surroundings are dark by design, and what few lights there are can be knocked out.

The sounds are straight from the movies, including the distinctive burst of the pulse rifles and the Predators blood-curdling scream. AVPs control configuration , tries to be flexible but ends up merely flawed; the interface could definitely use a ' tweak. Plus, you need to customize the controls for each character individually.

I Aih't Got Time To Bleed

Aliens Versus Predator could be one (or three) of the best movie-based games ever, but its shackled by its obsolete save-game structure and annoying controller configuration. If you have patience (or better yet, enough friends for multiplayer) and true fanboy dedication, AVP is I one awesome bug-hunt.


  • As the Alien, chomping off your opponents' heads takes practice. Line up your victim's noodle in the center of the screen and strike when you see your teeth come into view. Try it on panicky screamers.
  • When playing as the thin-skinned Aliens, attack your opponents from above or behind and strike when they're not looking. It's a cowardly but crucial approach.
  • Use flares freely to light your way in single-player Marine missions, but use them with care in multiplayer campaigns-they leave a sparkling trail for someone to find you.
  • The Predator's heat vision is the most useful of his sight options. Stick with it through most of the game.
  • Cloaked predators only stay invisible until they fire a projectile, or until their energy runs out.
  • Just because something's dead doesn't mean it can't hurt you. Aliens bleed deadly acid for about 10 seconds after you wax 'em.
  • The Marines' radar shows both enemies and their artifacts (corpses, organic debris, and spent Predator discs). Don't be fooled-stay alert for signals that move.


Smooth textures, spooky extraterrestrial vision modes, high frame rates, bright-green blood...whats not to like about AVPs environments? And if seeing the world through the eyes of an Alien doesn't make you queasy, nothing will.


To date, no movie gun has sounded quite as cool as the pulse rifles from Aliens-- and AVP reproduces that screeching gunfire perfectly. The creature howls, various explosions, unsettling ambiance, and orchestral music won't disappoint either.


Three characters in one game means three times the key configuration hassles. Once you get everything set up the way you like, the game responds well--but getting there is not half the fun.

Fun Factor

Once you get past the learning curve, figure out each characters strengths and weaknesses, and mix it up in multiplayer. Aliens Versus Predator lives up to its legendary license. Just be ready to invest some serious time and effort.

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