Dark Fall: The Journal

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a game by The Adventure Company
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dark Fall: The Journal
Dark Fall: The Journal
Dark Fall: The Journal
Dark Fall: The Journal

The adventure genre has gone through significant changes since its inception years ago and is hardly recognizable in its current form. Now adventure games are as much action as adventure, but the original adventure genre was anything but action oriented. Ignoring the push to be more action focused, Dark Fall: The Journal goes back to that original adventure genre, focusing more on puzzles and story telling then attacking enemies. Although there have been games like CSI that achieved some level of success with this approach, Dark Fall: The Journal ends up having a dark fall of its own, failing to capture essential gameplay concepts that are critical for this type of adventure game.

As with most old style adventure games, Dark Fall: The Journal is seen through a first person perspective. Basically, you'll look at an image of a room or area where the mouse icon changes when it touches something of interest. This approach does incur some risk however as a simple interface with few options can become monotonous quickly, which is what happens here. Games like CSI overcame this issue with a dynamic interface that offered plenty of options but Dark Fall: The Journal does little here with few options available.

Other parts also quickly become stale as a big part of this game involves reading notes left behind which slows the game down even more. In addition, the majority of the game is set in a hotel and spending time rummaging though room after room, it all starts looking the same. You might hope that the puzzles spread throughout the game would help to motivate and push through some of these slower aspects but the majority of the puzzles can be frustrating and difficult to revolve. They do present a decent challenge but solving them requires a certain amount of dedication the game doesn't justify.

As with most older adventure games, the graphics aren't the focal point as the puzzles and story line are expected to carry the game. This is the issue here as well with the graphics quality doing an adequate job considering the genre, but the repetitiveness of the locations is where it falls apart. The audio doesn't have any excuse however but is in desperate need of one. The sound effects are low quality and even distract from the game.

Dark Fall: The Journal trips up in a number of areas that makes it hard to justify even its $20 price. With few redeeming qualities, only those dedicated to this genre would be able to enjoy it.

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