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a game by Working Designs
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 11 votes
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After a tong standoff, Working Designs is finally bringing their translation talents to the PlayStation with their first PS game, Sony's deep aetion-RPG, Alundra.

Developed by some of the folks who brought us the classic Genesis action-RPG Landstalker, Alundra stars a young boy (named Alundra) who has the ability to enter into people's dreams and explore their minds. This ability comes in quite handy, as Alundra will have to solve numerous puzzles and defeat many enemies that dwell in the minds of the people of his troubled land.

Gameplay in Alundra is similar to that of Zelda, but with much more of an emphasis on puzzle solving. There are numerous items and other pieces of equipment that will help you on your way, and magic is crucial as well. Like Zelda, you can slash at shrubs with your sword to try to find hidden items, you can pick up and destroy crates and jars to search for things, and like Landstalker--if it's got mass, chances-are good you can stand on it.

The graphics in Alundra are reminiscent of Konami's Suikoden (overhead view, realistic-looking characters and environments, etc.), but there's a lot more animation and the game is a lot larger. Dungeons are huge (the first main dungeon alone is larger than most games' end dungeons), and the amount of puzzles that need to be solved will surely delight any fan of the more difficult, old-school action-RPGs of the 16-Bit days.

Despite our preview version being way early, we're already impressed and looking forward to reviewing the final version

  • MANUFACTURER - Sony CE/Matrix
  • THEME - Aetion/RPG

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A puzzle-filled action RPG similar to Zelda. Alundra Is Working Designs' first RPG for the PlayStation (note that Working Designs recently announced they will soon cease publishing Saturn titles). Alundra was developed by Sony of Japan, and several of the programmers on Alundra's design team also worked on the classic Genesis action RPG Landstalker. The fact that the game was developed by Sony is a bit ironic; Working Designs originally said they couldn't translate Sony's Japanese RPGs for the PlayStation because Sony of Japan didn't want anyone but SCEA bringing out such titles in the United States. Obviously, that policy has changed.

Alundra casts gamers into a fun and challenging world of monsters, puzzles, and traps where reality hits you hard, but your dreams are even deadlier. If you're a fan of RPGs, Alundra's the first must-buy game of the new year.

Dreams of Destruction

Playing as a character named Alundra, you enter people's dreams and destroy the nightmarish monsters trying to kill them. You journey to a town in serious need of caffeine, where the people are haunted nightly by apocalyptic visions of a deadly demon. It's up to you to unravel the mystery behind the dreams and stop the evil lurking all around you.

Alundra's reminiscent of the classic Legend of Zelda game features real time battles and nonstop exploration. You uncover power-ups by slicing shrubbery(with your sword and killing enemies, and you explore (jldrk dungeons with creepy monsters, traps, riddles, and (sometimes frustrating) puzzles. The tight control en ables you to run, jum lift tackle enemies, ant and throw items. Some of the special weapons and magic attacks cludeachain saw, swords, bows, bombs, and fire and lightning spells.

Tired Look

Although Alundra plays great, its graphics are sometimes less than inspired. The monsters and demons look cool, but the overall visuals have too much of a tired 16-bit feel.

Spinning back to positives, the sound and music capture the creepy mood of the game: You hear shrill screams when you enter someone's nightmare, and the gam battle music will make you feelgood about .being the fighting savior of tormeht sleepy souls.

Dream Come True

Alundra's off-the-hook action and challenging gameplay elevate it to must-have RPG status. Wake up and buy the game--missing out may cause you to have nightmares.


  • Visit the saints in the graveyard dungeon in order of importance to open a path to the next area. Talk to the White Saint first, then the Blue, the Red, the Green, and (finally) the Brown Saint.
  • After cutting through bushes with your sword and grabbing the power-ups, leave the area. You can return later to find the bushes have regenerated. Slice them up again to gain additional power-ups.
  • After hearing of the collapse at the coal mine, run to the mayor's house and visit Olen before going to the mine.

Working Designs' first RPG for the PlayStation takes gamers on a magical quest through the worlds of dream and reality. If the early version we saw is any indication, Alundra could be one of the top RPGs of the new year.

In Alundra, you play as a "dreamwalker," someone with the power to enter people's dreams and save innocent victims from dying in their sleep. As you dream, you see the pain and imminent doom awaiting a town whose king has gone crazy, and you set off on your journey to rescue the town and ultimately the world.

Alundra's controls allow you to pick up items, jump, dash, and slash objects with your sword. Along your adventure, you'll need to solve puzzles, find hidden items, fight monsters, and talk to townspeople to unravel the secrets of your mystical quest.

Role-playing fans searching for an action RPG to get addicted to won't have to wait much longer. Alundra is on its way, and so far, it plays like a dream.

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