Among Us VR

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a game by Schell Games
Platform: PC
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Among Us VR
Among Us VR
Among Us VR
Among Us VR

One VR game that I am very excited about is Among Us VR. The “normal” game really exploded during lockdown, it was the perfect game to play online with friends and even now I have a buddy who will end texts with “sus” at the end. Even though the original game is kind of top down and done with sprites, it is the kind of game that could really translate perfectly to the world of VR. Today we are taking a look at what we can expect when it is finally fully released.

It Wasn’t Me, It Was Him!

The premise of Among Us VR is exactly the same as the base game. You are on a spaceship and some of you are tasked with fixing various systems in the spaceship. Other players are there to sabotage and kill the rest though and cause distrust and suspicion amongst everyone as they get to play as the imposter. If you loved what regular Among Us offered, you are going to love this.

In A VR World

The whole aesthetic of Among Us VR is pretty awesome. It looks the same as that original game. Everything is bright, kind of cartoon like. However, this time it is all played from the first-person VR point of view. It actually makes the jump to VR very well and it is something that looks very cool. I am sure that when you are trying to fix something or when you are sneaking up on someone to do them in or even when you are being killed, the whole VR perspective is going to make things even tenser.

Throw Them In The Airlock

I have to say that playing the regular Among Us is one of the best gaming memories that I have during lockdown. My friends and I would stay up all night playing this, sometimes to the point of me waking my wife and then me getting yelled at for making so much noise! The whole idea is that everyone is under suspicion and you have to decide who you think is an imposter and throw them in the airlock. Trying to sow the seeds of mistrust and watch it all fall apart when you are playing as the imposter is truly a thing of beauty. It is also a lot of fun when you figure out who the imposter is and you manage to nail that SOB!

I know that there does not appear to be any major changes to the gameplay of Among Us VR, but I am actually ok with that and do not find anything “sus” about it. I think had they messed with the core formula, it would not have sat well with people who love this game.


The change to first-person and the whole VR thing is more than enough to make this stand out from the regular version of the game.


  • The shift to VR makes what was already a good game even more fun
  • It is always a good time being the imposter and screwing everyone over
  • It translates to VR very well
  • This is the perfect game to play with your friends when you guys want a good laugh


  • Nothing new appears to be actually added to the game
  • None of the unlockables from the base game appear to carry over here, it is a full fresh start

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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