Train Mechanic Simulator VR

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Platform: PC
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Train Mechanic Simulator VR
Train Mechanic Simulator VR
Train Mechanic Simulator VR

Generally speaking, virtual reality games are still a niche sub-genre that’s still finding its footing. While we have seen a fair share of highly successful horror games succeed in the realm of VR gaming, Train Mechanic Simulator VR dares to deliver an unparalleled simulator experience that’s sure to please locomotive fans everywhere.

Featuring a decent selection of some of the world’s most popular trains, this is a simulator that prides itself on its variety, if not so much on the variety of its content. Some elements of the VR experience could have been somewhat more refined in this game, and that’s an area that might disappoint even the most die-hard train enthusiast.

Powerful Engines

Coming from the same developers of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, one would expect Train Mechanic Simulator VR, and that’s just what happens here – for the most part. While the automobile-based game features a stunning selection of cars to choose from and repair, Train Mechanic Simulator VR presents us with just nine different models.

Granted, there are way more carmakers than train ones, but it’s just a bit disappointing to see that the developers didn’t include some legacy engines to pad out the roster. That said, Train Mechanic Simulator VR still manages to include a healthy selection of trains using all sorts of power, from steam to more modern electrical ones.

Of course, the gist of the game is to repair faulty trains to the best of your abilities. You’ll have to run diagnostics while keeping a healthy budget for your business, and since these are trains we’re talking about, you’ll have to repair them in one of the game world’s workshops.

That’s another of Train Mechanic Simulator VR’s great features: its huge, breathtaking open world is a marvel to look at, especially in VR mode. With 25 km2 to explore, it’s easy to become lost in its marvelous scenery, all thanks to the game’s spectacular visuals.

Virtual Reality

As mentioned before, the thing with most VR games is that, since the technology is still somewhat new, some games still struggle to find the perfect way to include the mode and to make it work with complex controls.

For a simulation game like Train Mechanic Simulator VR, the controls should be as responsive as possible while keeping a tight grasp on every piece of machinery and detailed info about which part does what.

The UI, for the most part, works great in this game. All the info is presented in a clear and concise way, helping you find the train’s issues rapidly and without much hassle. The problem, however, comes from simply moving around.

For some reason, the developers decided to use “teleportation” to move around the world in Train Mechanic Simulator VR. It’s similar to Robo Recall, only that it really has no place in such a slow-paced game such as this. If that isn’t a deal-breaker for you, there’s still much to enjoy in this game, especially if you’re a fan of detailed simulators.


Train Mechanic Simulator VR is a great game that tackles a niche genre with the proper attitude. Though there’s still some work to be done on the controls, the game plays exceptionally well, especially if you know a bit about machinery.


  • Impressively detailed mechanical parts and trains
  • Amazing open world
  • Great visuals that work remarkably well with VR


  • Could use a few more trains
  • Teleportation movement in VR feels a bit outdated

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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