Ancient Wars: Sparta

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a game by World Forge
Platform: PC
User Rating: 4.8/10 - 5 votes
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Ancient Wars: Sparta has one thing in common with the movie 300, which came out roughly the same time - they both used the technology of the day to add gore and effects to a well-known template. And for an RTS, this is definitely retreading old ground - you'll be immediately at home with the resource collection and unit building. But where Sparta fails in innovation, it scores in execution, with units behaving sensibly and requiring you to be organised and tactically coherent, but never a nanny. However, some of the touches of realism (the same troops can man chariots, boats or horses) make organising an assault frustrating for unfocussed players.

Sadly, the Spartan campaign - which should be the thrilling highlight - is a slow-burning tutorial, and the two other single-player campaigns lack hooks. These faults doesn't take away the games competence though, so if you've got a wide streak of patience Sparta has some love to give.

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