a game by Mitchell Corporation
Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platforms: GameBoy Color, Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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The basic concept in Ballistic isn't terribly original. Hmm...where else have we heard this before: Take different colored balls and throw them at other balls to make matches of three or more? Bust-A-Move, perhaps? The overall package isn't much to speak of either. The only modes are Panic (a.k.a. "endless," where you see how long you can last against a faster and faster game), Stage (where you clear out a limited number of balls on one level before moving on to the next, more challenging stage) and Vs. (where two players compete, and chain combos throw extra balls to your opponent's side). What's the problem? Stage Mode is fun, but it's just Panic Mode with power-ups and more interesting levels (it would have been more challenging if Ballistic gave you a certain number of moves to clear each stage, like in the GBC version or typical Puzzle Modes in games like Devil Dice). Vs. Mode is cool, but you have to have a friend to play against (no vs. cpu mode), and it's just the same boring stage over and over (why aren't some of the cool level designs or power-ups from Stage Mode included in 2P play?). Still, this is a fairly fun and very easy to jump into puzzle game. It won't tickle the fancies of puzzle game veterans, but Ballistic will appeal to more casual gamers, especially because big combos are pretty easy to pull off.


When it comes to puzzle games, I'm not one for strategy. I want to lay down some blocks, make some lines and keep doing that for three or four hours as the blocks fall faster (like Tetris). With Ballistic however, there's all sorts of things to think about, and this ruins the intensity for me. I don't want to learn combos and what not. Besides, I don't like the spirally ball thing very much. It's not a poorly made game, it's just not my kind of puzzle game.


Ballistic isn't very original, nor is it deep with detail. At the very least it's easy to learn. Gals will probably like it for its Tetris-inspired, ordering-element which they're so strangely attracted to. Still, I couldn't see paying more than $20 for this game. That's not an insult to the developer either, it just doesn't have the originality or replay value to warrant much more. In some regard it's like Irritating Stick--amusing for a while but too shallow for the long haul.


Ballistic gets points for being one of the more original new puzzle games out there. It's almost completely combo-based if you're good, so you have to strategize where you're going to lay your next ball. Despite having no aesthetic features to make you want to continue--kinda bland music, no rewards graphically for clearing levels - it can be a fun way to pack a few hours away. A decent puzzle game, but could've used some more spice.

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