Boxy Boy

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a game by Thinking Rabbit
Platform: PC Engine
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Boxy Boy
Boxy Boy
Boxy Boy
Boxy Boy

Welcome to the world of the blue-collar warehouse worker, where you slave to earn enough greenbacks to buy a motorcycle, a new car, a stereo or maybe a TV. the job sounds easy at first: Just yank a few crates onto the floor markers. But, man, who put all those walls in the way? and what about those narrow aisles? They actually expect you to work under these conditions?

Boxy Boy for the TurboGrafx-16 is one of those puzzle-type games that are all the rage these days. a simple contest, all you have to do is push crates around a room until they cover all the dots on the floor. Complications abound, of course. to complete each of the stages, you must burn a lot of brain power and call upon razor-sharp strategies. One bad move, and your pay-check goes back in the cash

The game consists of five worlds, each made up of 20 stages, for a total of 100 stages in the main game. Each of the five worlds--Japan, America, Egypt, China and the South Pole--has its own theme song and set of graphics. For example, in the South Pole, the floor is made up of ice blocks, rather than the blue bricks that form the floors in Japan.

You'll notice I said "main game" in the above paragraph. Although the manual doesn't mention them, there are actually many, many more stages than the aforementioned 100. As an experiment, I entered random passwords, trying to jump ahead to higher levels. (What a cheater!) By some miracle, I found a few valid ones. When I entered the password RIGHT, I ended up in stage 232! How many levels there may be beyond that point is simply anybody's best speculation. The puzzles vary in size, from small areas eight blocks square to huge multiscreen areas 3 0x19 blocks in size. Solving one of the large puzzles could take the rest of your life, believe me. Most of these puzzles are tough, and you'll swear there's no solution to some of them.

Boxy Boy includes a stage editor that lets you create your own levels. You can select any of the game parts and place them anywhere on the screen, constructing a complete puzzle piece by piece. When your stage is complete, a play option lets you test it. You can't, however, save your work unless you have the TurboGrafx-CD.

Boxy Boy is challenging and engrossing at first. Unfortunately, it's too simplistic to have any staying power, being little more than a fancy version of those handheld puzzle games with the lettered tiles. Although the graphics change with each world, the screens are still made up of the same few basic parts.

If you like cerebral contests like Tetris, you'll probably get some good play time out of Boxy Boy. But I can't help thinking what a great game this could have been if the designers had gone the extra mile.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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So You're Looking For a Part-Time Job to Earn a Little Extra Money, Are You? Then Here's a Video Game That Could Get You Going in the Right Direction. in Boxy Boy You've Been Hired Part-Time to Arrange Boxes in a Neat Stack. But Don't Get too Comfortable in One Spot, Because Your Adventure Will Take You Through 250 Screens in Five Different Countries Including China, Egypt and the South Pole.

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