Buildings Have Feelings Too!

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a game by Blackstaff Games
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Buildings Have Feelings Too!
Buildings Have Feelings Too!
Buildings Have Feelings Too!

I guarantee that you have never played a management sim like Buildings Have Feelings Too! Before. This is a truly unique, clever, and interesting take on the whole city management genre that made me smile the whole time I was checking it out. I am trying to think of another game in this genre that has as much personality as this one here does. If you want a management game that is challenging, but also fun, you need to check this out.

The City Is Alive!

You know how in most city management games it is all about the people? You know, you can sometimes click on a dude and see what they want in the city or what they like or dislike. Well, Buildings Have Feelings Too! Is different in that in this game the buildings are actually alive and have feelings, desires, and fears. We play as a halfway house who is there to reassure his building buddies that everything will be ok. There is talk that some buildings may be demolished, but there is where you come in to try and make things right and give these buildings a renewed purpose in their life so that they can continue living.

Breaking It Down

Trying to break down exactly what Buildings Have Feelings Too! Is can be kind of tricky, but I will try. You have a series of buildings that can walk and talk. The thing is, if these buildings are not being used then there is a chance that they could get demolished. It is up to you to make sure each building has a purpose, is being used, and is in the right spot so that they do not get torn down.

Going Through The Ages

The game goes from the Victorian era all the way up to modern-day. A building might thrive during one era that is a textiles place for example, but as the years go on, that kind of thing may not be as in demand. It is up to you to repurpose the building as something new. Maybe moving the building to a different part of the city will help. You have to keep your eye on what is going on and try to figure out what people will want. Not to make the people happy, but the actual buildings! It is part management, part puzzle games as you try to figure it all out. It is fun stuff and it can be quite heartbreaking when you make a few wrong decisions and one of your buildings has to get destroyed!

That Post Office Sure Is A Looker

I love the style of Buildings Have Feelings Too!. It has a ton of charm to it and the way the buildings will walk around and go about their business is a whole lot of fun. I liked the way that the backdrops and the buildings themselves would change as time goes on. If you take a building and change it from let’s, say a factory to a warehouse, the outside of the building will change. It is great stuff and it helps add to the overall personality of the game.


It is so awesome to see a game like this come along. The city/building management genre is one I have been interested in ever since I played Sim City on the SNES. I had thought that I had seen pretty much every scenario this genre could offer and then Buildings Have Feelings Too! Comes along. This is a lot of fun and the perfect way to reignite a person's interest in this genre.


  • The buildings are actually alive
  • The whole game has a ton of charm and personality
  • I liked the way the city would change with the times
  • It is quite a challenging game


  • It can sometimes be hard to know exactly what to do
  • It may have a bit of a learning curve

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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