C-12 Final Resistance

a game by Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Set in the future as an alien invasion is slowing decimating the population of Earth, it has become apparent that the alien onslaught is more than the current defense force can handle. Realizing that the alien weaponry is significantly superior to what the resistance has used so far, their last ditch effort is to use the alien's own weaponry and technology against them. In a desperate maneuver, the finest soldier the resistance has was asked to volunteer and have alien devices implanted in his body. This effort is designed to increase his combat effectiveness and hopefully be a beginning to repelling the invasion.

C-12 is a third person shooter that unfortunately does little to impress in any area. Basically, it gives marginal graphics even when compared to other Playstation games, a linear experience without any challenging puzzles or required strategies, and audio that could be muted without missing much. In addition, the AI is also disappointing as enemies don't do much more than stand and shoot when you get in their line of sight. The only saving point C-12 has is that there are few Playstation games coming on the market and because of that, those who only have a Playstation may be interested just to have something new.

Overall, C-12 has a decent story line, but not much else. Even the control system is difficult to manage as getting the camera angle under control can take some time to get used to. Normally, this is the type of game you'd want to rent before deciding to spend $30 but since most stores don't rent Playstation games anymore, you may want to just pass on this one. Only those who are starving for a new Playstation game should even consider it.

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