Everquest Online Adventures

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a game by Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Everquest Online Adventures
Everquest Online Adventures
Everquest Online Adventures
Everquest Online Adventures

Everquest has been quite pivotal in the creation of the MMORPG industry. As an MMORPG, you certainly can't trust me to give you a truly in-depth review, because I haven't been playing it for the months necessary to truly absorb every bit of detail the game has to offer. Finally, so you'll know it's coming, I've got a really, really bad pun for the end of this review.

I'll move on to breaking down my points. EverQuest Online Adventures is one of only a handful of titles to currently exploit the PS2 Network Adapter, such as SOCOM: US Navy Seals, or Twisted Metal Black: Online. It allows you to take control of a character in the Everquest universe, chosen from a multitude of races, and a variety of classes. Unlike it's bigger, PC capable cousin, EOA restricts you to basically one type of gameplay. Combat. Normally I'd find this to be a flaw, but given that combat is one of the more interesting parts of the game, it doesn't create a drawback. The interface is simple and easy to learn, and thanks to a few good decisions on laying out the controller, you won't get lost in a haze of menus. Additionally, you can always attach a USB keyboard, good for chatting with your other players. Joining a group is easy, and as this is an MMORPG, it's practically required. Movement can get tedious, but a few timesaving techniques exist to help you jump from spot to spot. My only real complaint with any of the gameplay is that the controls could've been optimized more; giving you greater controls with the d-pad, and fighting can get really boring earlier on, until you've gotten enough levels to start learning better abilities.

Don't hold out for anything that pretty looking, though. This game has more in common with a Dreamcast title than a PS2 game, at least as far as the graphics are concerned. Keeping the graphics simple has worked in its favor, however, as it means you won't usually need to worry about performance. It runs smoothly for most all the time, from what I've been able to see.

Finally, as an MMORPG, and on a PS2 to boot, this is a game that isn't great for everyone. MMORPGs do tend to require a great deal of time to really justify their cost, and in addition to that, EOA has a regular subscription fee you'll need to pay after the trial period ends. However, aside from that, it's got a great deal to offer. I'd say that, if you're the kind of person to enjoy such a game, EOA is good, otherwise it is a waste of good money.

To play, or not to play, that is the Everquestion.

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Playstation 2

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