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Ratchet & Clank

You play Ratchet, a young, yellow-furred mechanic stuck on his backwater planet, dreaming of adventure and intergalactic space travel.

Gran Turismo 4

It's a fact: 4 out of 5 gamers agree that fast cars make for fun times. Well, almost.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo was developed by Polys Entertainment, the same folks who brought us the Motor Toon Grand Prix games.

Legend Of Mana

The Seiken Densetsu (Holy Sword Legend) series is one of the most revered action/RPG sagas ever released in Japan.

Jet Set Radio Future

Ah, the evil corporation, that faceless enemy that sees nothing but profits and revenue with no regard for human life and/or the betterment of mankind (unless the profits are there).

The Legend of Dragoon

Released back in December in Japan, SCEPs four-disc RPG The Legend of Dragoon heads to the U.S. via SCEA in June.


Every once in a while a game company does something wonderful: they think outside of the box.