Coral Island

Download Coral Island and create your dream tropical paradise! Farm, fish, dive, and befriend the island's inhabitants as you build a thriving community. Discover the island's secrets and preserve its ecosystem. Begin your island adventure and play now!
a game by Stairway Games
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 6 votes
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Coral Island
Coral Island
Coral Island
Coral Island

This re-imagined farm simulator game brings all of the elements of a good farm-sim gameplay together for a truly enjoyable experience, on Coral Island. On the island you begin a new life by clearing land, planting and harvesting crops, raise animals and livestock. During your time you can work towards revitalizing the town as well as the coral reef surrounding your island.

Coral Island is waiting for you to bring your unique ideas and determination to work, as it has been awaiting change for some time now. The dev team clearly took their time working on this project, as the entire town and exterior landscapes have an embracing cozy feel, supported by the amount of work that was put into every detail as it is evident throughout the game.

Details and Design

Different aspects of this game keep the players enticed throughout the story, as well as coming back for more afterwards to play the game from a different perspective. The graphics and animations within this game are phenomenal, with the use of vibrant colours which accentuate the overall atmosphere of the game. While you can leave the island to travel, the deep-sea adventure aspect will become an addicting aspect to your gameplay. Saving the coral reef and restoring it to its formal strength will help save the environment, and the island as a whole for the community. While you can find some treasures along the way, this added function to the traditional farm-simulator will have players spending hours & hours of time exploring the depth of the sea.

While Coral Island has its similarities with other games within the genre, such as Stardew Valley, the design team made sure that this game was unrecognizable with its attention to detail and complete 3D perspective. Other farm-sim games only pale in comparison to the incredible detail put into Coral Island.

Social Aspects

For many, dating and socializing aspects within a simulator game become some of the most important factors. Within Coral Island, we see a diverse group of characters from all different backgrounds as they try to survive and solve their own problems during the game. With the diverse cast of characters, your own characters dating-prospects are large as there are 22 marriage candidates within the game.

The storyline does not spare any detail as each character has their own backstory allowing for players to make detailed decisions as well as creating interesting storylines each time you restart a game. After you’ve made those family decisions, you can even watch as the children grow and develop their own personalities, again keeping each play-through interesting with new twists.


The graphics in this game are as close to perfect as possible, as you are introduced to a cute-little town filled with happiness and joy. The animations of characters and stationary objects such as buildings and signs show the true value of the game which designers put so much hard work into creating.


  • Design & Animation in a league of their own, game has a unique feel to it while playing that can hardly be emulated.
  • Gameplay and storyline promote friendly message while also working to restore the damage done to characters environment, promoting a valuable lesson to its players.


  • For those not indoctrinated into this genre of games, the more casual gameplay may not entrap your attention for long enough to fully enjoy this game as it should be.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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