Defend the Rook

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a game by One Up Plus
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Defend the Rook
Defend the Rook
Defend the Rook
Defend the Rook

What we have here with Defend the Rook is a very cool concept for a rogue like tactics game. Putting a bit of tower defense, tactical thinking, and board game presentation into the game gives this a style that I think is very cool and helps make it stand out from the million other games that have rogue like in their description these days. I get that this is the kind of game that may be a bit of a hard sell for some people, but there is a free demo that I recommend you check out to see if this is a game for you.

Saving The Kingdom

While I cannot say for sure how story driven Defend the Rook is going to end up being. I can tell you that the game does have a fantasy setting that looks like a great deal of fun.

The basic idea is that you have to play this “board game” style of event in order to save the kingdom from evil invading forces. It is fun stuff and it at the very least gives you a reason for what is going on.

Defending The Castle At All Costs!

The idea of the game is that you need to defend your castle which is at one end of the game board. The way that you do this is by strategically placing towers on the Defend the Rook game board to defeat the various waves of enemies that are going to be coming at you. Placement is key here as you really have to think about each tower you place down. I know that in the demo there were a few occasions where I did not think before I acted and I ended up having a blind spot that the enemy made their way through easily!

What Kind Of Magic Spell To Use?

Thankfully, Defend the Rook gives you a bit more than just towers to try and save the day with. You do also have various traps that you can use as well which can slow the enemy down or just obliterate them in the right circumstances. You also have these magic spells which you can use at certain points too. This along with a pretty easy to follow upgrade system does give the game a pretty quick pace and has you with the thought of that you can upgrade or get something at the end of each round if you can just make it through.

Game Night!

I know that the visual presentation of Defend the Rook may not grab your attention at first, but I really do like the way that this game looks.

I think the way you have your little mage dude at one end of the game table, a portal, and what looks like some medieval castle setting is a very appealing art style and one that is a lot of fun. It literally looks like a board game that is being played in a fantasy world and I think that is really cool.


Even though as of me writing this it is only the demo I have spent a lot of time with. I think that the people behind Defend the Rook have something pretty darn special on their hands here. They have made a rogue like tower defense style game that feels like you are playing a boardgame in a medieval world and that is something I think sets this apart from many other games in this same genre.


  • I like the way the game looks like a boardgame
  • There are many cool types of towers and traps that you can use
  • You can also cast magic spells to help you out
  • Each round is randomly generated


  • Not sure how much of a story there is going to be here
  • From what I have seen, I do not think there is any multiplayer in this game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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