Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year

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a game by PopCap Games, Inc.
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year
Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year
Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year
Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year

Plants Versus Zombies Game of the Year is a hilarious strategy game that pits you against a whole horde of stupid, brain eating zombies. Your goal is to use various plants in your front lawn such as pea shooters and cabbage catapults to stop the hoard.

If the zombies reach you, it’s game over. Different zombies, identified by their different appearances, have different skills. The zombie with the traffic cone on its head, for example, is harder to defeat than a normal zombie because it has a helmet of sorts.

Cute Graphics Help Bring the Game Together

The entire game is designed to be hilarious, and the graphics are a big part of making that happen. The game features vivid colors, cute and detailed zombies, and unique plants with a full range of different abilities. Every time a zombie attacks, or you attack, the animations are cute and often draw a laugh. If you’ve ever played, “Garden Defense,” it’s very similar but instead of fighting bugs you are fighting zombies.

Endless levels to entertain yourself with

While the casual section of the game often has you repeat levels, the main mode, or “adventure mode” has a generous number of levels to complete. The beginning levels are easy to help you get the hang of playing but can almost end up tedious as you struggle with low light levels and the repetition of the small number of zombies available. As the game progresses however, you may find yourself against hordes of zombies or extremely challenging zombies. The result is very entertaining and can keep you busy for many hours of fun gameplay. As you progress, you can unlock new plants to help you defend your property, or buy new plants to help you from the shop.

Game of the Year additions a disappointment

Although Plants Versus Zombies has become a popular mobile game for good reasons, the additions to it for the “Game of the Year” edition is rather disappointing. The only parts added to it are a zombie avatar creator, which is a surprisingly fun mini game that allows you to make your own zombie avatar, and a handful of new achievements. Compared to the relatively high bar of entertainment the Plants Versus Zombies genre has set for us in the past, this meager amount of new content is rather disappointing. Fortunately, if you already had the original Plants Versus Zombies, the creators have graciously allowed you to download the new edition for free. With that in mind, a modest boost to the content is acceptable, since it is free to those who already have it and not additional to the original game for those who don’t.


Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year is a fun game that will keep you laughing all the way through. Although the Game of the Year content is fairly skippable, if you’ve never played the game before don’t miss this opportunity to fight zombies and grow plants in a surpisingly winning combination.


  • Hours of gameplay
  • Charming graphics
  • Hilarious animations


  • Not much added to “Game of the Year”

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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