Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires

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a game by Omega Force
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 2 (2006)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 13 votes
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Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires

Koei Tecmo’s series of mass combat action games known as Musou is so legendary it’s spawned its own subgenre. Every gamer worth their salt knows Dynasty Warriors, whether they love the games or not. Not many titles can hold up to such a pedigree. The Empires spin-off of the series returns to enhance the already strong Dynasty Warriors 5. With a few additional mechanics and features added to the mix, Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires is worth both revisiting for veterans and a great place to start for newcomers.


On top of having all of the Three Kingdoms heroes available in the base DW5, Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires allows you to create your own editable character. By choosing from a variety of styles based on pre-existing heroes, you can create your own legendary warrior. You start off with a choice of three male and three female models, each with their own armor and accessory set. By playing the game, you’ll get to unlock more items to change up your hero’s appearance.

Become a Conqueror

The Empires versions of Dynasty Warriors game add a strategic element to the frantic action combat scenarios. In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, the new annex system allows you to choose which areas you want to conquer. You send your troops in and immediately thrust yourself and your chosen hero into the heart of the battle, defeating waves upon waves of enemies. This time around, you also get to play the game either by following historic events or by changing history and taking things into a different direction.

Make Your Choice

Musou games don’t stake their reputation on offering hard decisions, yet Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires does the unthinkable. Whether by choosing where to send your armies to the advice you take on board from your advisors, this game gives you plenty of opportunities to carve out your own story.

One of the hardest choices you’ll make is whether to execute an enemy general or let them go in a bid to gain their goodwill.


The Dynasty Warriors series has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the PS1 generation of consoles. With the addition of strategic elements and hard decision-making, Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires goes beyond the familiar formula to bring about a new era for Musou games.


  • A create-a-character mode that allows you to embody your own Three Kingdoms legendary warrior.
  • An enhanced combat system that gives you more control over the flow of battle.
  • Take things beyond the frantic battles with hard decisions and tactical choices that affect the course of the game.


  • Musou gameplay isn’t for everyone and can become stale for those who may like deeper combat systems.
  • The story feels quite familiar as it’s based on the classic Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale.
  • Some more variety in the character creator would have been welcome.

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