Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

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a game by Sixteen Tons Entertainment
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 17 votes
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Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life
Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life
Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

Have you ever watched a police drama or a disaster movie and found yourself yelling at the characters for their poor response times and the lack of insight on how to handle various catastrophes? And, at the same time, you are sure you could have handled the situation so much better. If this is you, then the game Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life was practically made for you. In Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life, you are in charge of managing various crises as they occur. You'll be dealing with fire outbreaks, hostage situations, traffic accidents and earthquakes, sometimes happening all at once and so rapidly that trying to keep up with them will have you finally understanding why those characters in movies could never seem to get it together.

Types of Emergency Management

In Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life, you are in control of four main emergency management services, including Police, Medical, Fire and a broader, more generalized "other" category.

Each one is pretty self-explanatory: police units will put you in charge of everything from police helicopters to simple patrol officers. Medical encompasses things like rescue dogs, med-evac helicopters and ambulances. The fire section will give you control over everything from a basic fire truck to rescue boats and even something called a Fire Tank. In the other category, there are other crucial emergency services that don't really work in any other category like engineers, a bridge layer and other various key professionals that can really make a difference.

Objective of Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

As mentioned, in this game, you'll be working to bring in the tools, people and equipment you need to take care of whatever life is currently throwing at you. When you call in services, everyone arrives in vehicles, meaning you'll have to drive in, for instance, a police officer in a police car. After you have all of the people as well as their important vehicles in place, you then can control them to take care of the problem or problems that are occurring. Sometimes, one situation will require multiple people and resources, and it's your job to make sure everyone knows where to go.

Pros of Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

  • Two play modes: Campaign and Freeplay
  • Various modes available
  • Fast paced and exciting
  • Various aspects control your point accumulation, letting you put focus in certain places

Cons of Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

  • Limited replay value
  • Without knowledge of previous games, figuring out the best approach can be difficult
  • Camera zooming is a bit limited

Bottom Line

Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life operates like most types of RTS games with a little more creativity and ability to take more unique approaches opposed to its similar predecessor, Emergency Fire Response by Monte Cristo, that limits the issues you tackle to fire response. Overall, it's a great game for those who want to test their ability to think fast on their feet and see how they'd manage various crises that professionals around the world are faced with every day.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Emergency 4 is strange, it's a game that is summed up by the sentence on the back of the box: "You bear responsibility for life and dead!" Flawed, but basically charming. You load out and deploy, RTS style, the four emergency services: police, fire, ambulance; and, in a bold statement that will infuriate coastguards, the fourth group are engineers. Fair enough, though - engineers have skill sets that complement an urban environment better than a slow-motion tit montage.

One half of the game is focussed on scripted situations, in which you deal with increasingly huge disasters. And the other half is an entertaining sandbox city where you deal with multiple emergencies to earn the equipment required for the next big disaster.

The controls are a strange blend of pernickety and intuitive. There's an element of micromanagement, but it doesn't offend thanks to the right mouse button, which tends to arrange the most sensible thing. Sometimes it fails - for example, trying to save people from a burning building with a fireman carrying a hose will result in you dousing the already-choking victims. But this falls into the charm category - one thing I wasn't expecting was to get out-loud in-game laughs, intentional or not.

Sadly, there are some flaws that aren't as entertaining. In the Tyre Yard mission, I found myself dousing the same fires again and again. I was unsure if I was having any effect, I didn't have enough budget to send more trucks out, and I ended up watching my guys spray the same fires for 10 minutes, for lack of anything else to do. I passed the mission, but I'm haunted by the suspicion that I bored the computer into timing out.

Recommending this game is difficult, because it's hard to imagine who it's aimed at. It feels overpriced at $20 - the action does get a little repetitive, even with the constant introduction of new units. Yet I found myself satisfied by success, so repetition rarely strayed into boredom. Meanwhile, the scenario editor and co-op multiplayer are welcome features.

The odd moment of frustration aside, this is a shallow, but entertaining strategy game. Emergency 4 is by no means a gem, but it's certainly a well-polished nugget of bronze.

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