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Emergency: Fighters for Life

When you were a little kid, did you ever dream of being a firefighter, policeman or doctor?

Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life

One of the things I remember vividly about my childhood was my kindergarten graduation when I was about five or six.

Restaurant Empire

OmniFood, the world's leading restaurant supply conglomerate, has decided to go into the fine dining business as well.

Emergency Fire Response

As kids, I think we all dreamed of being a firefighter at one time or another.

Airline Tycoon Evolution

Airline Tycoon Evolution, published by Strategy First and created by German based Spellbound, is the follow up title to 2001's Airline Tycoon.

The Firemen

The Firemen is a game where the player controls Pete, the fire fighter, as he rescues people from a burning building.

MTV's Remote Control

Hey trivia buffs, MTV’s top television show, Remote Control, is invading your living room in the form of an NES title.

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