Bum Simulator

Download Bum Simulator and experience the humorous and unpredictable life of a bum! Explore a quirky city, master your survival skills, and interact with hilarious characters in this zany simulation game. Are you ready to live on the edge? Play now!
a game by Ragged Games
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 28 votes
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Bum Simulator
Bum Simulator
Bum Simulator

There are so many simulation games out there that it's hard to keep up with them, gamers everywhere seeming to want to know what it would be like to live life as a Goat in Goat Simulator or as a destructive, chaotic-evil goose bent on wreaking havoc in the Untitled Goose Game. Get out of the way, flight and farming simulators—weird, unique experiences are what gamers are after these days, and with those weird niche experiences comes the desire to see what it would be like to live as a bum in Bum Simulator. Bum Simulator is set for release this year in 2020, and within Steam and other gaming communities, potential bums are anxiously waiting for the game to be dropped. So, what's all the hype about?

Objectives of Bum Simulator

Bum Simulator is pretty straightforward in its motivations… you live life on the street as a bum. That makes it about as open-world as it gets, with endless possibilities toward what you are able to do with all of your free time bumming around.

You can spend your time learning to adapt and survive the best you can, or you can seek revenge on those responsible for putting you out on the streets in the first place. You could also spend your time building a name for yourself on the street and gaining a reputation as a local legend that everyone will look out for. You can vandalize all of your favorite vending machines to get some great snacks or learn to share space in a community of what is affectionately known as the rat people, who call themselves Radz. Really, there's nothing you can't do, letting you fulfill your wildest fantasies (we guess) about being a bum.

The premise of the game itself is already a little ridiculous and silly, so of course, as one might expect, there are ragdoll graphics that really take things to the next ridiculous level. Even throwing an empty glass bottle at another person can send them flying through the air completely limp. Otherwise, the graphics operate on an engine that gives you simple effects. There's nothing really extraordinary about the graphics or the sound itself, but really, it's what you do with those graphics that counts since there is so much to take advantage of that.

Pros of Bum Simulator

  • Open-world concept gives you plenty of playing possibilities
  • Potential replay value as you tackle different aspects of the game
  • New elements are added to the game consistently with updates from the developer

Cons of Bum Simulator

  • Mediocre graphics

Bottom Line

Bum Simulator is exactly what its title suggests it to be… a chance for you to see what it would be like roughing it on the streets without actually having to pitch a tent and find a place to sleep in the cold. Its open-world design lets you wander around aimlessly getting into just about everything you could imagine, and it's definitely going to be a great way to kill a few hours in your cozy house pretending you're stuck in the winter chill without a coat.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to be a bum, you don’t have to look in the mirror anymore (just kidding!). The Bum Simulator is yet another game with simulator slapped on to its title. But this time around, you’ll get to enjoy a full-on hobo experience with a lot of activities to keep you busy. Once you’ve spent a few hours digesting this game, you’ll quickly find yourself fantasizing about being your town’s next hobo!


Bum Simulator diverges from the typical simulator setup. Instead of being in a world with nameless characters, there are stories to explore and secrets to discover. Here, you’ll start out meeting a talking shopping cart with googly eyes and an air of mystery, suspicion and confusion. His name is Carl, and he used to be a human named Carl Cartman, until he was experimented on by an evil corporation. While you play an enraged and resentful homeless man who enjoys giving passersby the middle finger and frequently unleashes his army of pigeons on helpless victims.

Carl intends to break into the headquarters of the evil corporation, and force them to revert him to human form. Oh, and don't forget to reattach the other half of your brain. That is something that must be remembered. However, you must be taught the bum arts from the ground up in order to do so. You can punch, toss pigeons at people, urinate wherever you want, and ride around on Carl like a semi-cogent bum. Carl serves as both a vehicle and an inventory, and he follows you around at all times. The metropolis in which Bum Simulator is set isn't particularly vast, but it's ideal for all kinds of destruction.

Gameplay Elements

That isn't to say that simulator elements aren't present. You must maintain a constant level of hunger and thirst, or you will suffer the consequences. To do so, you'll primarily be purchasing items. So, in Bum Simulator, there are two main ways to make money. Panhandling is the more obvious of the two. You can make a sign at any time, scribble whatever you want on it, and walk around imploring people to give you money. Keeping those two meters up isn't much of a problem because it doesn't take long to be able to afford some meals. Bum Simulator is similar to games like Rust and The Forest in the character micromanagement aspects.

Rewarding Experience

Bum Simulator is undeniably entertaining. You get experience points for defeating foes and completing objectives, which may be used to purchase perks. There are a number of them, and they significantly improve the bum's powers. I prioritized improved stamina and melee damage, as well as a slower degeneration of health and thirst. Regular folks get knocked out in two punches by me.


The game does a fantastic job of recreating what makes these slapstick open-world adventures so amusing, but also adding more detail than is necessary. If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into for hours on end, Bum Simulator will do the job.


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Interesting Dialogue
  • Diverse Activities


  • Tedious management system

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